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Scubapro Glide-X BCD



Scubapro-GlideX-BCDA high-end, light weight, excellent lift capacity adjustable BC with a unique wrap-around bladderThe wrap around air cell retains its cradle-like shape, even when fully inflated, staying close and contoured to the body, giving more comfort and control New hip-indentation styling allows freer movement and weight distribution.

Combined with the luxurious plush padded back pack and neoprene neck protection, Glide-X is the definition of comfort for both men and women. The elasticized cummerbund also makes Glide X one of a kind: when your suit compresses as you descend, you don’t feel like the BC has gotten bigger.  By tightening the cummerbund a bit before immersion you remain comfy on the surface, thanks to the elastic function, and your BC keeps its fit no matter what your depth.

Constructed with high frequency welded seams and Scubapro’s very sturdy and traditional sandwiched bladder.  The air cell is firmly bolted between the back pack and the back plate. This is an extremely strong construction, preventing the tank from rolling on the diver’s back.

  • Super Cinch Tank Band: Stainless steel cam action buckle system for easy adjustment and secure grip.
  • Nylon Fabric is lightweight yet very resistant to punctures. Glide-X uses 420 Deniers Nylon construction ensuring lightweight wear, yet doesn’t compromise on durability.
  • QR Front Weight Integration: Weight integrated pockets with wide, easy release buckles.
  • Zipper  Pockets: For safe and convenient accessory storage.
  • 6 Stainless steel D-rings for optimized accessory attachment (4 large and 2 small).
  • Back Trim Counter weight pockets for better balance, depending on the type of tank used.
  • Fully Adjustable Cummerbund: Immediately adapts to different morphologies and suit thicknesses on the spot.  And with a new elasticized feature, the BC doesn’t lose its fit when your suit compresses during descent.
  • Knife Grommets allow the attachment of an emergency or utility knife,  easily accessible in any situation.
  • Padded Back Pack: Fast drying soft padding for ultimate comfort in and out of the water
  • QR Rotating Shoulder Buckles: Improves fit and follows the divers movements and morphology

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Gear News

Scubapro celebrates 60 years with new limited edition products



Starting with the founding of Scubapro in 1963, the brand has consistently pioneered new innovations that enhance the total diving experience. Now to celebrate 60 years of innovation, Scubapro has created two limited-edition products: the MK25 EVO/S620 Ti Carbon BT 60th Anniversary Edition Regulator and the G3 60th Anniversary Edition Dive Computer.

MK25 EVO/S620 Ti Carbon BT Anniversary Edition

The special edition MK25EVO/S620 Ti Carbon BT with red and black color accents, a special protective coating and titanium and carbon fiber components, offers the same premium features as the standard MK25 EVO/S620 Ti Carbon BT combination, but delivers even greater comfort due to its lightweight carbon parts. The limited design makes the Anniversary Edition of the MK25EVO/S620 Ti Carbon BT a very personal and individual highlight on every dive.

G3 Anniversary Edition

The 60th Anniversary special edition of the brand-new Galileo 3 (G3) with red and black color accents is a very special highlight for discerning divers and collectors. It combines a sleek design and modern display with a classic timepiece-look and offers all the functions of a high-quality, modern dive computer.

Both Anniversary products come in a dark gray-washed FSC-certified wooden box engraved with the Scubapro 60 Year Anniversary logo and are only available in limited quantities. They also include a black anodized laser-engraved aluminum tag displaying the progressive serial number of the limited-edition product – a tribute to six decades of Scubapro excellence.

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Gear News

Introducing the new Galileo 3 (G3) Dive Computer from Scubapro



Scubapro´s GALILEO 3 (G3) delivers everything you need in an advanced dive computer, with the comfort, style, and utility of a topside wristwatch.

Scubapro has introduced its premium Galileo 3 watch-style dive computer, combining innovative dive computing, a sleek design and modern display, with a classic timepiece look.

The new Galileo 3 (G3) offers all the features and functions of a next-level dive computer along with full timekeeping features for daily topside use. Built to last, the housing and bezel are made of stainless steel, and the lens is sapphire glass for extreme surface hardness and scratch resistance. The vibrant, high-resolution, full-colour TFT LCD display is easy to read at any angle. The rotatable bezel, coated with a self-luminescent material, along with an efficient backlight, ensure excellent visibility in all conditions.

Utilizing Galileo’s trusted menu design and four button controls, navigating through the G3 dive modes, algorithms, screen styles, colour schemes and myriad of other personalized dive management options is extremely intuitive.

For underwater use, the G3 provides a choice of algorithms – Predictive Multi-Gas Buehlmann ZHL-16 ADT MB PMG or ZHL-16 GF (Gradient Factors) and three dive modes – Scuba, Gauge and Freediving, to suit all diving styles. In Scuba mode, four settings are available:  PMG, Trimix, CCR & Sidemount. Wireless air integration monitors tank pressure provides true remaining bottom time (RBT) and allows your air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation. For pinpoint navigation, a 3D digital tilt-compensated compass comes with a top-view full compass rose display.

The G3 personalized dive management functions include PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) which calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives and breathing mixes, and Microbubble levels that let you adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age, and physical conditioning for safer diving. Optional Heart Rate Monitoring (sold separately) delivers additional individualized real-time data while diving or when engaged in topside activities.

On the surface, the G3 provides a Sport mode with sport-related functions like a swim stroke counter, activity counter and stopwatch for topside sports. The G3 is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and offers a Bluetooth Low Energy interface that lets you download dives to any iOS or Android device or PC/Mac (firmware can be user-updated).

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