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Red Sail Sports Named One of the Best Places to Work in Grand Cayman



The Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals (CISHRP) at its Top Employer Award Dinner has recognized Red Sail Sports as one of Cayman’s top employers on Saturday night 24th May at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. The award recognizes outstanding companies that help make the Cayman Islands a better place to work by creating a great workplace for its employees and by making significant contributions to the community.

With 153 current employees at its watersports operations and retail shops across the island, Red Sail Sports is also one of the largest employers on the island. The company went through a rigorous and lengthy application process that included a staff survey, staff interviews conducted by an independent party and a close examination of Red Sail Sports’ community involvement. The process examined Red Sail Sports’ work environment to determine respect, fairness, pride in the workplace, opportunity for advancement and happiness of the employees.

All Red Sail Sports’ employees were surveyed in the CISHRP survey and 90% responded:  Are they happy with the company? Do they look forward to going to work? Is there opportunity for advancement? The compiled answers were considered as one of the components in the screening process.

“I came to Red Sail Sports 5 years ago to follow my passion – the beach and windsurfing,” says James Granger who started out as beach staff and has moved up through the ranks and various departments to become the Red Sail Sports Westin Supervisor where he helps maintain the company’s high standards. “I’ve always had opportunity to advance here and I’ve worked hard.”

Operations Manager Rod McDowall says Granger exemplifies the employees who are following their passion and having a great time at work while helping visitors have a fun in the Cayman Islands. This is good business for a company in the tourism industry.

“If you are in the business of showing people how to have a good time, it is important that the company supplies the environment for employees to be happy and advance in their careers.”

“Its about our customer service,” says Training and Development Supervisor Beth Hiryok. “Red Sail Sports employees are passionate about what they do and they share that passion with our guests, whether it’s at the beach, on the dive boats, on the catamarans or in the retail shops.”

Community involvement is also a key factor in the selection of a CISHRP Top Employer award winner. Red Sail Sports has long been a strong supporter of the local schools, especially with work experience. Five students have just completed 8 months of work experience with Red Sail Sports as part of the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) programme. Red Sail Sports is also working with Cayman International School’s work experience placement by hiring a student in the retail department. The company is also supporting the government’s Passport to Success programme, which helps young people who have left school but have not found jobs. Through training and work experience, the programme aims to equip them to find work.

To further help young people break into the job market Red Sail Sports managers this spring held mock interviews with high students at Clifton Hunter. The goal of the exercise was to give them an idea of what to expect in real life interviews. After the sessions some students were invited to visit Red Sail Sports facilities for a day to learn about working in the tourism industry. The company has also reached out to Cayman’s youth by attending career fairs at John Gray High School.

Through direct donations and partnerships Red Sail Sports is also a strong supporter of the Special Olympics Cayman Islands and the Lighthouse School.

“I know Red Sail Sports does a lot for the community and we never pat ourselves on the back,” says Human Resources Manager Cashema Rankine, who initiated the application process. “I thought we’d be a great candidate for the award and I was right.” Rankine has been a member of the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals for 8 years and she proudly accepted the award at the gala on behalf of Red Sail Sports.

About Red Sail Sports

Red Sail Sports, a member of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, is a leading resort based dive and watersports operator celebrating 25 years of excellence. Since 1987 it has been setting the standard by providing the highest level of guest service. On Seven Mile Beach Red Sail Sports operates locations at the Westin Resort (345.949.8732), the Marriott Resort (345.949.6343), the Grand Cayman Beach Suites (345.949.8745) and the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman (345.525-9768). At East End the company has a concession at Morritt’s Tortuga Club (345.947.2097), and it offers dive and catamaran services to The Reef Resort. On North Side Red Sail Sports offers watersports activities at the Rum Point Club (947.9203).

For more information:

Call toll free: (877) 506-6368
On Grand Cayman: (345) 623-5965
Facebook: www.facebook/redsailcayman
Twitter: @redsailcayman

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Dive the richest reefs in the world with the pioneers of Raja Ampat 



raja ampat

Papua Diving Resorts are the pioneers of sustainable tourism and diving in Raja Ampat. Our award-winning resorts are PADI Five Star and were the first exclusive dive resorts in the heart of the Dampier Strait. Where lush jungle meets clear, warm waters and the richest reefs on earth, let yourself embrace an escape like no other. 

With over 30 years of operation in Raja Ampat and award-winning commitment to the people and environment of Papua, Papua Diving Resorts’ experience and impact are unrivalled. This makes us the natural choice for ocean enthusiasts.

Our founder, Max, has been diving and exploring Raja Ampat since 1990, discovering the dive sites the area is so famous for. Paying tribute to his family, Max named a few of the dive sites after his wife and children, including Melissa’s Garden and Mike’s Point, as well as coming up with quirky names like Chicken Reef and Sardine Reef because of his experiences while diving there for the first time.  

raja ampat

Papua Diving Resorts is also just a stone’s throw away from the famous Cape Kri, world record holder of most reef fish species counted on a single dive. In 2012, ichthyologist Dr. Gerry Allen counted 374 different reef fish species on a single dive at Cape Kri. In an interview, he said: 

“One of my favorite places to dive in Raja Ampat is Cape Kri near Sorido Resort… I didn’t even have to look for fish. They found me! The survey was the highest species count I’ve ever tallied on one dive, 374 distinct species in 90 minutes!” 

raja ampat

Our dedicated team will make sure you see the best of Raja Ampat as we take you on incredible trips to the Fam Islands, Mushroom Islands and Manta points, just an hour away from our resorts. Experience Raja Ampat’s super reefs in a whole new light by joining the fluorescent dive and blackwater dives around Kri Island. Or simply enjoy a relaxing sunset and night dive where you can be sure to see the elusive mandarin fish and famous walking shark. 

With Papua Diving Resorts, guests get the chance to experience the Last Paradise at the very first dive resort in the area. Here, qualified and experienced staff are committed to giving guests the best Raja Ampat has to offer through Papua Diving Resorts’ quality service, food, and excursions. 


Papua Diving Resorts provides two world-class options to stay on Kri Island: the more traditional Kri Eco Resort, and upscaled boutique Sorido Bay Resort.  

raja ampat

Sorido Bay Resort is our luxury boutique option 

Perfect for those who want a touch of luxury, Sorido Bay Resort is a collection of 9 charming bungalows with spacious rooms and ensuites, each with Wi-Fi, AC and fan and a veranda that overlooks a vibrant house reef. The private resort faces the Papuan sunrise, basking the island in a warm glow for a beautiful day in Indonesia’s Crown Jewel.

raja ampat

Indulge in community-style meals at the sea-view restaurant that overlooks the turquoise waters of the house reef and Sorido Blue Hole beyond. If you’re lucky, you might spot a pod of dolphins or even whales with your morning coffee or afternoon tea.  

raja ampat

Kri Eco Resort is where paradise meets sustainability 

Looking out over the dark blue waters of the Dampier Strait and distant mountain ranges, Kri Eco Resort is a cluster of authentic Papuan-style water bungalows built from locally sourced materials with 3 room types to choose from, two of which have communal bathrooms.

raja ampat

The 13 cottages come with Wi-Fi, electric fans for still nights, and direct access to Kri’s vibrant house reef. The over-water sun deck area faces the Papuan setting sun, creating the picture-perfect spot for bright orange sunsets. With a more in-touch-with-nature feel, Kri Eco Resort bungalows allow guests to fully enjoy the cool sea breeze and natural beauty paradise has to offer. 

raja ampat

Regardless of where you stay, you can be sure to experience the rich biodiversity of Raja Ampat. Enjoy looking down from our jetty into the crystal-clear waters of the house reef, where you can spot stingrays, blacktip reef sharks, moray eels and sea snakes, and if you’re lucky even some dolphins and dugongs swimming by.  

The resort grounds are also rich with land creatures such as monitor lizards, cuscus, even kingfisher birds and sea eagles. Embrace your adventurous side and take a kayak out to the sandbar that appears during low tide, or a hike through the jungles that sit between the two resorts.  

raja ampat

Wherever you choose to book with us, guests at Papua Diving Resorts can enjoy the community coming together on a shared passion, sharing stories with divers and adventurers alike during mealtimes and excursions.  


By staying at Papua Diving Resorts, you become part of the effort to protect this beautiful yet fragile environment. From offering schooling and sustainable employment for indigenous people, to boosting shark populations, Papua Diving Resort’s aim is to leave this world better than we found it. 

Providing education and training to the local indigenous Papuan villagers is a part of our mission at Papua Diving Resorts, through which they can take the skills and knowledge and apply it to their livelihoods.

raja ampat

When Max arrived in Raja Ampat, he found a community that depended on shark and ray finning to provide for their families. To encourage a more sustainable approach to earning a living, Max employed and upskilled the locals through teaching them boatbuilding, woodworking and guiding guests to experience all that Paradise has to offer.  

Creating partnerships with locals in the nearby villages, Max sought to provide one-of-a-kind guest experiences to see and photograph the Red and Wilson Bird of Paradise, seen only in Raja Ampat. Aligned with our mission at Papua Diving Resorts to protect nature and empower the local people, a portion of our proceeds go back to these local partnerships. 

raja ampat

As leaders in conservation and pioneers of sustainable tourism and diving in Raja Ampat, Papua Diving Resorts offers guests an unforgettable opportunity to experience the best of Indonesia’s Crown Jewel. Located at the heart of the Dampier Strait, we invite you to explore the rich biodiversity of the area, both above and underwater. 




Instagram: @papuadivingresorts  

Facebook: Papua Diving Resorts 

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