Pinnacle Endeavor


The new Endeavor suit is a result of features that are a firm customer favourite at Pinnacle. The best of Pinnacle wetsuits have evolved to become the Endeavor, one of Pinnacle’s latest and most versatile suits. Constructed in a high density 7mm neoprene, with heavy duty outer nylons and incorporating Pinnacle’s latest seam-lock technology for maximum warmth and durability. Features include a contoured zipper positioning and high stretch action panels.
• High-stretch titanium lined Elastiprene neoprene throughout the suit for greater warmth and flexibility
• Front mounted zipper allows for easy self donning
• Hoodless design allows the suit to be worn with a drysuit hood, a wetsuit hood, a hooded vest, or with the latest Inferno suit
• Anatomically pre-bent arms and legs to reduce bunching
• Tatex kneepads are flexible yet highly protective
• Small Diamond external material in high wear areas helps prevent suit abrasions and tears
• Molded rubber shoulder pads protect diver and suit as well as help keep BC in position
• 8” ankle zippers with unique chimney seal system
• Honeycomb o-ring wrist seals with Orcaskin forearm gussets
• Double glued and blind stitched construction with clear seam lock to reduce snagging or breaking

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