Oceanic introduces the new OceanVu mask with SureFit technology


The OceanVu is an example of what happens when a dive company, with over 40 years of experience designing and developing great products, turns it’s attention to a classic challenge: making the perfect mask. One that fits everyone, maintains a secure seal in any condition and provides the maximum amount of visibility with the minimum amount of internal volume.

Secure fit

Classic mask designs connect the strap to the frame or skirt at two  points, one on each side of the head. This design is functional but creates two areas of increased tension on either side of the mask while leaving the majority of the mask’s contact surface less secure. The OceanVu’s SureFit system solves this problem by employing a unique tensioning system that wraps around the mask, evenly distributing pressure across the contact surface area. This system allows for a more secure and stable fit in any diving condition.


Superior materials

The OceanVu’s over-sized skirt is made out of an ultra-pure, medical grade, liquid silicone that contours to your face for a perfect fit. It’s beyond comfortable and you need to feel it to believe it.

Low-volume, High vis

The OceanVu combines oversized lenses, proprietary ultra-clear optical glass and a minimalist frame into a design that has a dramatically improved field of vision when compared to any standard masks.

Quick-adjusting buckles

Oceanic’s newly designed quick-adjusting sliding buckles that actually work and allow for fine adjustments and strap release that doesn’t include cursing or elevated blood pressure.

Functional styling

The OceanVu mask is more than just another gorgeous design. Rubberized frame inserts and strategically positioned textural accents are designed to improve grip and aid in equalization or in-dive adjustments.

If comfort, fit and visibility are important factors in a mask purchase for you then you need to take a look at the Oceanic OceanVu.


The OceanVu comes in 8 colours. It’s available and shipping now exclusively to Oceanic dealers.

To find out more, visit www.oceanicworldwide.com.


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