‘Nudi Festival’ UW Photography Contest off to a Flying Start


Photo Credit: Claudia Weber-Gebert

Hundreds of gorgeous nudibranch photos are rolling in as photographers vie for fame in ‘Nudi Festival’, the underwater photography contest presented by Scubashooters.net and Deepblu, the fastest-growing social network for divers and scuba enthusiasts.

Now three weeks underway, the ‘Nudi Festival’ competition was initiated to bring out the best in underwater photographers. At times gorgeous and cute, at times otherworldly and demonic, the nudibranch’s variety of shapes and colors have made it one of the underwater world’s most rewarding subjects; however, its small size also means that photographers need to demonstrate a lot of skill and near-perfect buoyancy.

This has not deterred photographers from entering their works. With exciting prizes beckoning, including 5 COSMIQ+ Dive Computers and cash vouchers, the competition page at Deepblu is awash with the little gastropods flaunting their gills in all colors and styles.

“We want to encourage underwater photographers of all skill levels to try their hand at shooting a nudie,” says Marino Palla from Scubashooters. “That’s why we’re using Deepblu: it’s a free platform where users can engage with the photographer and write comments. We even have a popular vote: the submission with the highest number of likes wins a free COSMIQ+ Dive Computer!”

Deepblu warmly welcomes ambitious photographers to create an account on Deepblu and submit their artwork before 28 April. Winners will be announced on 8 May 2017.

Submit your nudi photo now here.

Team Scubaverse

Team Scubaverse

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