New from Scubapro: The Equalizer BC


The Equalizer is an all-purpose front-adjustable BC that delivers lots features and performance for not a lot of money. With the Equalizer you get a comfortable, stable, well-performing BC. Compact and lightweight yet durable, it’s an excellent choice for recreational divers everywhere.

The new front-adjustable Equalizer brings together all the best features you could ever want in a recreational diving BC. It is made of 420 denier PU-coated nylon so it’s lightweight, durable, plus it dries quickly. Its wraparound air bladder places the lift under your arms and around your waist. This creates a comfortable and secure feeling when diving because you’re always well-balanced and able to maintain a comfortable swimming position. Also, when floating on the surface the front adjustable design provides a very relaxing surface floating position.

Stability is excellent thanks to the Equalizer’s full-sized backpack and single tank strap system. The flat-buckle quick-release integrated weight system is super secure. Ballast weights load easily into ditchable pouches that clip into sleeves, keeping weights locked in place. When it comes time to ditch, an easy squeeze-and-pull and weights are released.

The Equalizer’s valve system represents the ultimate in reliability and performance. A notable addition is Scubapro’s new elbow self-locking ring design on the primary left-shoulder valve. This prevents the elbow ring from inadvertently coming loose, resulting in greater convenience when it’s on the store shelf, and greater safety in the water.

Add a cummerbund with a double-pull overstrap for fit and comfort, two big Velcro-closure pockets for stowing extra gear, stainless steel grommets for mounting a knife, four stainless D-ring for carrying accessories, and two octopus pockets for a backup reg, and you have an affordable front-adjustable BC that can’t be beat

The Equalizer is available at authorised Scubapro dealers.

  • Sizes: XS-XL
  • MSRP: 295,00 GBP

Find your nearest authorised Scubapro dealer at

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