New Scientific Director joins Scubashooters Team

SV_News.jpg have announced Dr. Sandro Carniel is to become Scientific Director (pro bono) of the Scubashooters network. This is a milestone for the work of the underwater photography community who have also recently received endorsement from the Mission Blue organization founded by Dr Sylvia Earle.

Dr. Sandro Carniel is a physical oceanographer, Senior Scientist at the Inst. of Marine Sciences, Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISMAR, Venice, Italy). An author of more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific contributions, his expertise deals with numerical modeling of coastal areas, turbulence measurements and the relationship between oceans and climate.

He is involved in the RITMARE National Flagship Project “Coastal erosion and vulnerability”, the H2020 funded project “CEASELESS” on the exploitation of new-generation satellite for coastal predictions and the JPI Ocean action “Munitions at Sea”. He is also very active on media and writes for blogs, journals and magazines (FOCUS for example) on ocean-related aspects, benefiting also from his participation on several research cruises.

His last book “Oceani, il futuro scritto nell’acqua” (Hoepli Ed., 2017) represents a recognized contribution in the “ocean-literacy world” and was specifically intended for a large non-specialist audience. Find out more on the Facebook page for his book here.

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