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Jemma Aitken is an enthusiastic marine conservationist who normally spends her time diving the fantastic sites around Fiji.  As she is currently staying in and staying safe on land like the majority of us, she has been putting her considerable marine biology and education skills into creating a new marine life blog for kids to enjoy!  If you have kids around with an interest in the oceans, check out

Jemma has this to say about her new venture:

“Hi all, as I have some extra time on my hands right now I thought I would give myself a project and I have set up a little blog about marine life for kids… my aim is to try and inspire kids to care about the ocean, and in turn, hope they grow up wanting to protect it. I thought it could also be something interesting for them to learn about during lockdown!

So if you have kids take a look! I have started it off with a few posts about sharks but will be adding more themes as I go. You can also subscribe to get notifications when I add more.

I hope you enjoy! Keep safe and healthy!”

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