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The New Aladin Square Dive Computer from Scubapro



Aladin Dive Computer

The iconic square display of Aladin Pro returns with the ultra-legible Aladin Square. Its large, sharp digits communicate essential information for safe, unforgettable diving. You’ll be equipped with a rich collection of easy to use features, including two-gas capability, average depth display, PMG, PDIS, and more.

Expand Your View with Aladin Square:

  • Oversized square display: with large, sharp characters for maximum legibility underwater in all conditions.
  • Easily accessible features: great for both experienced divers and recreational divers.
  • Scuba, gauge, and apnea mode: for reliable performance on any type of dive.
  • Predictive Multi-Gas (PMG): lets you enjoy the benefits of carrying high oxygen concentration mixes (nitrox or 100% O2) in addition to your main breathing gas.
  • Continuously updated average depth display: can be reset at any time while in gauge mode.

More Technical Details

  • Maximum operating depth: 120 m/394 ft
  • Nitrox settings 21% to 100% with adjustable ppO2
  • CR2450 battery
  • Full watch functions
  • Alarm clock
  • Active back light
  • Bookmark function
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Replaceable frame
  • Double O-ring seals
  • Two nitrox mixes
  • Replaceable adhesive film

Features in Scuba Mode:

  • ZHL-8 MB PMG algorithm
  • Safety stop timer
  • Depth/time/CNS%/deco/MOD alarms
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops)
  • Micro bubble (MB) level selection
  • Salt/fresh water selectable
  • Stop counter

Features in Gauge Mode:

  • Continuously updated average and maximum depth display
  • Surface interval up to 24 hours

Features in Apnea Mode:

  • Dual depth alarm
  • Incremental depth alarm
  • Dive time interval alarm
  • Surface interval alarm
  • Descent/Ascent speed alarm

Information for Log Book:

  • 4s sampling
  • Non volatile memory
  • Up to 50 hour capacity

Dive Planner:

  • Full deco planer
  • No Stop and Total Ascent Time
  • (TAT) Indication

PC/MAC Interface:

  • SCUBAPRO LogTRAK- compatible

Aladin Square lead

The new Aladin Square is available at Scubapro authorised dealers.


Aladin Square: £299

Aladin Square “Shark” USB dongle: £44

Gear News

Bare X-Mission Drysuit: Ideal for Both Technical and Recreational Divers




The X-Mission is ideal for the advanced technical diver, or the recreational diver who wants the best combination of flexibility and durability in a travel friendly package. This innovative drysuit uses our most advanced materials and construction methods, designed and purpose-built in partnership with a team of technical cave divers to meet their demanding requirements. With material that’s rated most flexible among all of our drysuits, the X-Mission is perfect for movement in the water and on the surface and is highly packable for travel.



  • 2MM nylon/smooth skin “Smart Collar” with vented neck drain provides an improved seal with the BARE dry hood
  • Low profile valves
  • Removable inflator valve backer pad reduces discomfort as a result of the “squeeze” at depths
  • Anatomically shaped torso, arms and legs
  • Lightweight low profile plastic dry zipper and offset protected zipper flap to avoid contact between dry zipper and outer flap
  • Low back M-PADZ reinforcement panel for added durability
  • Adjustable elastic waistband at the back of the drysuit for snugging up for that perfect fit
  • Field replaceable suspenders and crotch strap
  • Includes 4-point suspenders
  • M-PADZ knee protection
  • Includes Tech Boots & 2 Expandable Tech/DATA pockets – New for 2019!
  • Expandable Tech/DATA pockets w/ 5 bungee cords (3 regular / 2 thick)
  • 2 needle “felled seam” construction increases seam integrity, is low profile and less prone to abrasion and finishes for a clean look
  • Flexible double taped reinforcement at “critical wear” seam points for added durability

About Bare


In a small factory on the coast of British Columbia—the brainchild of 2 divers determined on crafting a drysuit capable of surviving the frigid waters of the Canadian Pacific Ocean. With every stitch, our founders innovated. Through every failure, they pushed. Not for profit. For performance. To bring the sport of diving, equipment that fit better, functioned better, and lasted longer.


Our reputation for premier dive equipment has been upheld by the heart and passion each of our workers puts into every suit they make. Because, like our founders, they don’t just make the suits, they dive in them. It is this strong culture and unrelenting dedication to fit, craftsmanship, and innovation that has helped take us from that small shop in British Columbia to a global brand.

Sea & Sea is the home of BARE and other Huish Outdoors diving brands in the UK. 

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Gear News

Shearwater Announce Tern and Tern TX Dive Computers



Shearwater Research Inc. has announced the latest additions to its iconic line of dive computers.

Designed with the sport diver in mind, the new Tern & Tern TX models are powerful, simple, reliable, and the most compact dive computers we have ever brought to market. The range includes the Shearwater Tern and the enhanced Tern TX, which boasts transmitter-enabled diving, capable of connecting with up to four Swift gas pressure transmitters and includes a digital compass for superior underwater navigation.

With a watch-style form factor, the 1.3” diameter AMOLED screen provides crystal-clear visibility in a variety of lighting conditions, making it easier than ever for divers to keep track of their crucial information. The vibrant, best in class high-resolution display offers Shearwater’s renowned user interface that provides divers with at-a-glance access to vital data, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable diving experience.

“Building upon the success of the Peregrine and borrowing features from the Teric, the Tern and Tern TX make a great addition to our product line. The Tern is an affordable option for anyone seeking a compact sport diving computer.” Said Jason Leggatt, CEO of Shearwater Research Inc. “As well, we are excited to bring transmitter-enabled computers to more divers, delivering precision gas pressure information on a brilliant display. The Tern TX is an incredible sport diving computer to those seeking a comfortable, round form. In combination with the Swift Transmitter, the Tern TX offers a world-class transmitter-enabled system at an attractive price”.

Designed and built in Canada, The Tern & Tern TX are depth rated to 120 metres and tested to engineering EN standards for dive computer compliance. Tern and Tern TX support Air, Nitrox, 3 Gas Nitrox, Gauge, and Freedive modes.

Available with all-new Shearwater RemoraTM quick connect bands, divers can easily switch between long and short straps, or the colour strap of their choice.

Tern and Tern TX are priced for exceptional value at $650 USD and $775 USD retail.

Shipping commences January, 2024 and will be available to purchase from authorized Shearwater dealers.

For more information about Tern and Tern TX, contact

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