Murex Dive Resorts announce new Ocean Gardener Coral Diver course


Murex Dive Resorts has a brand new, exciting and unique product: the Ocean Gardener Coral Diver course. They are the first and only resort in the world that can offer this course in cooperation with Ocean Gardener.

Coral Reefs are the foundation of the marine environment but often this diversity of life is over looked. The Ocean Gardener course will teach you how to identify different types of corals, which will enrich your diving experience.  This 3 day course includes 5 dives on some of our world-class reefs. By the end of your program you will be able to identify 15 different coral genus including 10 hard corals and 5 soft corals. You’ll be introduced to coral restoration, visit a coral farm and plant you own coral fragment.You’ll watch a few informative videos to explain how corals are formed and how they reproduce. You’ll also learn about the different types of corals (hard and soft) and how to identify them.

This is an incredible program for anyone who has an interest in marine biology, wants to improve their knowledge of corals or just wants to make 5 stunning dives and learn more about what they are seeing underwater. This is a wonderful enhancement to a stay in North Sulawesi.

The Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Course is designed to get you looking at the reef with new eyes. Once you are able to recognize the different types of coral in this course you will start to notice all the unique varieties and species that are in the ocean.

Murex Dive Resorts also offer a Discover Coral diving program. In this easy one day program you’ll learn about corals and make a beautiful dive on their House Reef where you identify the corals in North Sulawesi – in the heart of the Coral Triangle. All with the guidance of a specialist Coral Diver instructor.

Photo credit: Ocean Gardener

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