London Diving Chamber to close


Following a public consultation by NHS England last year, it has been announced that the London Diving Chamber (LDC) is ceasing service due to NHS budget cut backs and constraints on 31st March 2019. Over 10,000 dives in the chamber in support of divers, dry divers, course attendees and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy patients have taken place since the Chamber started operation.

Medical Director and well-known figure in the Diving Industry, Dr Oliver Firth, wrote on the LDC blog this week of the team’s “great sadness” at the closure.

In a blog post entitled Calling Time On The Dive, he wrote:

“The whole team wish to thank everyone for their support over the last fifteen years including our patients, students, dive medicals, divers, working partners and friends. This unique facility is run by a team of dedicated people who have been on hand every day in case of a dive emergency and it is a great shame to lose this service but we be running until the end of March.”

Midlands Diving Chamber will continue to run the full service from dive medicals to emergency treatment, their emergency DCI advice line operates the same emergency number: ‭+44 7931 472602.‬

The London Hyperbaric Medicine Chamber at Whipps Cross Hospital is now the only Chamber responsible for treating decompression illness in the London area.

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