Join Tam Warner Minton this December and dive with whale sharks, seals, and more in the Sea of Cortez


I am so excited! Red Travel Mexico and Travels with Tam (that’s me!) are offering an amazing adventure to Cabo Pulmo and La Paz in the Sea of Cortez! There is something for everyone: scuba or snorkel on a reef that is 20,000 years old, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, snorkeling with whale sharks and sea lions, kayaking, and of course, just relaxing! Where does all this wonderful activity happen? In Cabo Pulmo, Mexico and La Paz, Mexico, about two hours from Cabo San Lucas. The dates are December 3-9, 2017. Imagine being in Cabo Pulmo National Park where thousands of jacks schoolCabo Pulmo is an exciting example of what a marine park can be. Ten years ago Cabo Pulmo became a National Marine Park, allowing no fishing. In ten years the ocean life has multiplied 463%! This sleepy place has not yet become a tourist haven, and one can enjoy quiet, unspoiled beauty. We will visit beautiful, protected locations with expert guides. Want to stay longer? You can extend your trip in La Paz, or head two hours west to Cabo San Lucas!

You can learn all about the trip at Red Travel Mexico with Tam Warner Minton! Hurry and book, there are still spaces available and this is going to be AMAZING!

Tam Warner Minton

Tam Warner Minton

Tam Warner Minton is an avid scuba diver, amateur underwater photographer, and adventurer. She encourages "citizen science" diving, whether volunteering with a group or by one's self. For Tam, the unexpected is usually the norm!

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