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Introducing the TUSA Hyflex Switch Fin



The latest fins from TUSA, the SF0104 TUSA Hyflex Switch, are powered by PuRiMaX “Polyurethane Blade System”. The top quality Polyurethane blade provides a quick “snappy” response to the diver’s every movement, which is more responsive than rubber and plastic fins. 

TUSA’s unique “Vortex Generator” effectively reduces water resistance through the fin stroke normally found on traditional smooth blades. Six performance ridges positioned behind the blade vent reduce resistance, creating a smoother and more efficient kick cycle.

The Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.) ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle. A standard flat fin inhibits propulsion solely by fault of design. An angle between the heel of the foot and the calf of the leg remains when the leg is extended to kick. This angle causes approximately 10% of the propulsion to be lost in traditional fins but the A.B.D of the TUSA Hyflex Switch accommodates for this anatomical characteristic and minimises loss of movement. The multi-compound foot pocket also increases power transfer to the fin blade.

The TUSA Hyflex Switch is equipped with the new Universal Bungee Strap providing extraordinary comfort. This heavy duty elastic fin strap provides easy donning and doffing of fins, as well as five adjustable positions. In addition, the fin blade handily separates from the foot pocket for ease of storage and travel.


  • Powered by PuRiMaX “Polyurethane Blade System”
  • Vortex Generator
  • Performance enhancing
  • Comfort Foot Pocket
  • Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade
  • Standard with Universal Bungee Strap (TA0902)
  • Angled Blade Design
  • Travel-friendly design enables you to separate the fin blade from the foot pocket for a compact and lightweight travel package.

Colours: Black (BK), Fishtail Blue (FB), Flash Yellow (FY)

Sizes: XS, S, M, L-XL

RRP: £159.00 (June 2017)

TUSA is distributed in the UK and Ireland by CPS Partnership Ltd – visit their website for your nearest stockist or to find out more.

Gear News

Gear Maintenance: Episode 1 Masks – Sponsored by Dive Rite (Watch Video)



Everything you need to know to make your scuba diving mask last a lifetime! Welcome to Gear Maintenance!

If you want to support Divers Ready! (for free!) support our sponsor for this series of videos: Dive Rite

To enter to win the ES155 Mask from Dive Rite, you need to:

  1. Subscribe to Divers Ready! if you haven’t already:
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A scuba diving mask is a seemingly simple piece of kit, but there are things that can wrong with it. Proper care, cleaning and preventative maintenance will help you keep your scuba mask in the best condition for years and years. We’ve packed this video full of hints and tips covering storage, protection, cleaning, defogging and maintenance to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your dive equipment.

Oh, and here’s the soft case I recommend. (Yes, this is an affiliate link. Purchases made through this link m ay earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

Mask case:

Good luck to everyone!



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Gear News

Breaking News: Garmin Descent Mk2 & Mk2i Launch & Review (Watch Video)



After over 12 months of rumours and speculation, the team at Garmin have finally launched the Garmin Descent Mk2 and Mk2i.

Garmin has gone all out with these, and with the Mk2i having the latest technology in air integration it looks to absolutely be the one to beat!
Why I hear you ask?? Well, they’ve incorporated their Sonar technology into the equation and called it ‘SUBWAVE’ – this will deliver an incredible transmission range of 5-8m..!
How does it work? Well, you’ll need to watch the video to find out!
The dive features are based on the Descent Mk1, while the fitness and life management aspects are based on the incredible Garmin Fenix 6.

With a larger viewable screen, bigger internal memory, and all the latest features including Garmin Pay this promises to be an absolute game changer!

Find out more at

For more from Richard and Hayley visit

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