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Introducing Deepblu’s COSMIQ





New Company Introduces World’s First Dive Computer Featuring Social Integration

COSMIQDeepblu, a Taipei-based diving and tech company introduced the world’s first dive computer featuring social media integration on April 1st, 2016.  Called the COSMIQ, the wrist-mounted unit records dive information creating a digital dive log curating pictures, videos, depth, duration, and more. When paired with a smart phone, Cosmiq dive logs are effortlessly uploaded to the company’s free phone app where they can be instantly shared with the diving community.

Priced at a very affordable $299, the company intends the COSMIQ to revolutionize diving experiences and bring more visibility and opportunities to ocean conservation efforts and the diving industry as a whole.

“Deepblu is pleased to introduce a dive computer offering all the best features – and more – of the current dive computer market, that leverages the power of online social media interaction,” says company co-founder Brad Chen. “We believe increasing visibility is the best way to foster greater awareness of the ocean initiatives for which we care deeply.”

For tech specs, the COSMIQ features a 2.2” high-contrast LCD screen, a max depth of 100 meters, a built in clock and calendar, audible and visual alarms, as well as a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a magnetic USB connector. This means no more costly and time consuming factory repairs, as are common in the industry.

COSMIQFor dive specs and firmware, the COSMIQ operates on a Bühlmann 16C algorithm divers can individualize to conservative, normal, and progressive settings. Three dive modes – Scuba, Gauge, and Free Dive – allow the COSMIQ to serve a larger cut of the diving community. Oxygen levels can be adjusted between 21-40% for Nitrox dives, and regular firmware updates add additional special features such as toggling between fresh and salt water environments as well as altitude diving.

COSMIQSays Deepblu CEO James Tsuei, “These are a handful of our most basic features – ones new and seasoned divers are accustomed to. Our platform allows us to receive, assess, and take action upon customer feedback through firmware updates, keeping the COSMIQ on the cutting edge of dive computing. Combine this with the power and possibilities COSMIQ offers in web-based social interaction as well as a $299 price tag and you’ve got one of the most exciting and revolutionary dive products on the market.”

Tsuei may not be wrong.  In it’s upcoming November issue, Sport Diver, PADI’s official publication, named the COSMIQ as Best Value Dive Computer referring to it as an “ace in the hole”. As for the future, look out for an upcoming new addition to the COSMIQ line as well as Deepblu’s booth at DEMA 2016 in Las Vegas.

For more information on Deepblu and the Cosmiq, contact

Gear News

The ultimate winter neoprene set-up from Fourth Element



Fourth Element has extended their wetsuit range with the launch of the new 7mm Xenos and a new neoprene hooded vest.

The design criteria to make the Xenos as easy as possible to get on and off has been achieved by cut  away ankles (inspired by the fast transition features of triathlon suits) and smooth linings in the arms and legs. 7mm neoprene with Thermoflex linings on the torso and Glideskin wrist seals ensure that this suit can take you into a cooler comfort zone.

The suit includes improved Xenos features such as snag-free hook and loop neck closures with improved sealing surfaces to further reduce water ingress, and hardwearing Supratex lined knee panels provide tough, yet comfortable knee protection.

Combine the suit with their new hooded vest to achieve 10mm protection on the vital body core. The vest has a 5mm neoprene hood to make this the perfect combination for diving in cooler temperatures.

The Xenos 7mm and Hooded Vest are available online now on the Fourth Element website

You can find a list of fourth element dealers here.

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Northern Diver’s latest additions to add to your diving kit this year …



Northern Diver has kicked off the New Year by launching the new Brava Mask and Snorkel in its range of masks and snorkels. Check out Northern Divers latest additions to add to your diving kit this year…

Brava Mask

The Brava Mask provides an excellent field of vision thanks to anti-fog technology combined with the low volume, ensuring you don’t miss a thing during your time in the water. The soft silicone skirt offers not only the perfect fit but comfortable too. Easy to adjust, you simply push the button buckles to achieve the optimum fit.

Brava Snorkel

Why not treat yourself to a matching snorkel! A great choice for snorkelling and diving, the Brava Snorkel is a semi-dry design, the easy purge system is complete with a large draining chamber. Complete with a silicone mouthpiece that enables you to be comfy for a prolonged amount of time in the water. 

Also introducing… 40L SRE Roll Top Dry bag

The 40L SRE Roll Top Dry bag features a wide top opening allowing easy access to your kit. Constructed from waterproof material to ensure your gear stays dry. This weatherproof duffle is great for around water, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and many other uses.

For more information visit the Northern Diver website here

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This is the perfect start to your 2021 diving season… and at an incredible lead-in price of just £885 per person.

Jump on board the latest addition to the Emperor fleet and enjoy diving the famous sites of the Red Sea with this fantastic special offer. This itinerary takes in the wonderful South & St Johns from 26 February – 05 March 2021.  

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