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Introducing Deepblu’s COSMIQ





New Company Introduces World’s First Dive Computer Featuring Social Integration

COSMIQDeepblu, a Taipei-based diving and tech company introduced the world’s first dive computer featuring social media integration on April 1st, 2016.  Called the COSMIQ, the wrist-mounted unit records dive information creating a digital dive log curating pictures, videos, depth, duration, and more. When paired with a smart phone, Cosmiq dive logs are effortlessly uploaded to the company’s free phone app where they can be instantly shared with the diving community.

Priced at a very affordable $299, the company intends the COSMIQ to revolutionize diving experiences and bring more visibility and opportunities to ocean conservation efforts and the diving industry as a whole.

“Deepblu is pleased to introduce a dive computer offering all the best features – and more – of the current dive computer market, that leverages the power of online social media interaction,” says company co-founder Brad Chen. “We believe increasing visibility is the best way to foster greater awareness of the ocean initiatives for which we care deeply.”

For tech specs, the COSMIQ features a 2.2” high-contrast LCD screen, a max depth of 100 meters, a built in clock and calendar, audible and visual alarms, as well as a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a magnetic USB connector. This means no more costly and time consuming factory repairs, as are common in the industry.

COSMIQFor dive specs and firmware, the COSMIQ operates on a Bühlmann 16C algorithm divers can individualize to conservative, normal, and progressive settings. Three dive modes – Scuba, Gauge, and Free Dive – allow the COSMIQ to serve a larger cut of the diving community. Oxygen levels can be adjusted between 21-40% for Nitrox dives, and regular firmware updates add additional special features such as toggling between fresh and salt water environments as well as altitude diving.

COSMIQSays Deepblu CEO James Tsuei, “These are a handful of our most basic features – ones new and seasoned divers are accustomed to. Our platform allows us to receive, assess, and take action upon customer feedback through firmware updates, keeping the COSMIQ on the cutting edge of dive computing. Combine this with the power and possibilities COSMIQ offers in web-based social interaction as well as a $299 price tag and you’ve got one of the most exciting and revolutionary dive products on the market.”

Tsuei may not be wrong.  In it’s upcoming November issue, Sport Diver, PADI’s official publication, named the COSMIQ as Best Value Dive Computer referring to it as an “ace in the hole”. As for the future, look out for an upcoming new addition to the COSMIQ line as well as Deepblu’s booth at DEMA 2016 in Las Vegas.

For more information on Deepblu and the Cosmiq, contact

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New Fins from Scubapro



Continuous development and innovation have always been a top priority for Scubapro. The new Seawing Supernova high performance fin, introduced at boot 2023, is currently revolutionising the dive fin market.

Now, Scubapro is implementing its new innovative two-piece design to another fin model – the new S-Tek Fin. Furthermore, the company is launching the Gorilla version of the GO Sport in two colours and four new colours of the popular GO Travel Fin!


A new addition to Scubapro’s S-Tek line of technical diving equipment, the S-Tek Fin is a purpose-built, next-gen technical diving fin providing maximum power when needed and featuring the innovative two-piece design like the Seawing Supernova.

NEW – GO SPORT GORILLA in Black & Orange

While identical in design to the GO Sport Fin, the Gorilla features a slightly stiffer blade and heavy-duty bungee, providing that extra umph for experienced divers manoeuvring through demanding conditions.

NEW – Available in black & orange.

NEW – GO FIN in 4 new colours

The GO travel fin combines the benefits of an open heel fin, with the comfort and barefoot freedom of a full foot fin. The GO is lightweight yet virtually indestructible, plus it is a fast and nimble performer in the water. The popular leisure fin is now available in the new colours blue, yellow, pink, and turquoise.

More information available on

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Get a free Octopus with every purchase of a Scubapro regulator system



Just in time for the new diving season, divers can save money again with the FREE OCTOPUS spring promotion! From May 02 to July 31 2023, Scubapro is offering one of the two brand new Octopus models S270 or R105 for free with every purchase of a regulator system!

The S270 OCTOPUS is free with purchase of a MK25 EVO/D420 or MK19 EVO/D420, MK25 EVO/S620Ti or MK19 EVO/ S620Ti in INT or DIN versions. A R105 OCTOPUS is free with purchase of a MK25 EVO/S600 or MK17 EVO/S600, or MK25 EVO/G260 or MK19 EVO/G260 or MK19 EVO BT or MK25 EVO BT/ G260 CARBON BT in INT or DIN versions.

Scubapro offers a 30-year first owner warranty on all regulators, with a revision period of two years or 100 dives. All Scubapro regulators are of course certified according to the new European test standard EN250-2014.

Available at participating Scubapro dealers. Promotion may not be available in all regions. Find an authorized Scubapro dealer at

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