Get ready for the Great Northern Freediving Competition 2017


The 8th Great Northern AIDA freediving competition is almost here, and will feature two days of competitions.

Day one on April 15th is a standalone Dynamic no fins competition. Day two on April 16th is the BFA UK National pool competition which is a combined point score of two disciplines. Everyone must do Static (STA) and then a choice of Dynamic with fins (DYN) or Dynamic no fins (DNF). DNF points will be multiplied by 1.3 to ‘normalise’ the results and give everyone a fairer chance of winning. There is also a podium for International athletes too.

Long standing sponsors the BFA and Omer (who are part of the Aqua Lung group) will be there, and PADI will be sponsoring the event with prizes and staff support including some live feed videos. The current sponsor list for the competition can be found here.

There are still places for athletes available for either or both days – you can book by emailing the organiser Steve Millard at or via the website here. The last chance to enter will be a week before the competition.

The entry fee for day one is £30 for the DNF competition. The entry fee for day two for the STA and either the DYN or the DNF is £55. If you are paying for all three disciplines, the entry fee is £80. All athletes will receive an AIDA ranking. This competition has both National record holders and brand new beginners entering. Whatever your level you will be welcome.

The organisers of the event, Apneists UK, try and make the competition as inclusive as possible, and have all the main jobs for the competition covered; however anyone wanting to help or simply watch the competition are welcome too.

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