Get ready for the Advanced Exploration Diving Conference (ADEXCON) 2014


The Advanced Exploration Diving Conference (ADEXCON) 2014 will be held next month in Athens, Greece.

The event, which takes place at the Moschato Cultural Centre on the weekend of the 15th and 16th February, is said by the organisers to be “a fantastic opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with like-minded divers who share your sense of adventure and desire to improve”.

ADEXCON 2014 will cover a wide spectrum of advanced underwater activities, including technical, commercial, military, cave, wreck and scientific diving, and also conservation issues.

Featuring an international cast of speakers and presenters from the world of diving, the event will showcase the very best that the sport has to offer combined with non-stop back to back workshops and seminars. 

Organized by divers for divers, the ADEXCON 2014 conference and dive exhibition is said to offer unique insights into the world of advanced diving by encouraging a better understanding of emerging technologies used by underwater explorers in their bid to unlock the secrets of the oceans.

The event’s legendary Gala Dinner Banquet and awards evening will bring ADEXCON 2014 to an end as usual.

For more information about ADEXCON 2014 and to book tickets, click here.



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