Fundraiser launched to cover medical costs for freediver Pim Vermeulen following heart attack


We at team Pimster have created a campaign to help our freediving coach, mentor and dear friend, Pim Vermeulen, to raise funds for an urgent heart valve replacement surgery. Pim collapsed on January 31st while boarding a plane in Berlin. He was rushed to the DRK Klinik Berlin Westend Hospital and placed in emergency care where it was determined that he had a malfunctioning aorta valve. Pim is still currently in hospital and cannot leave due to the state of his health.

Pim has been trying to get his surgery covered by his insurance company but unfortunately they will only cover the emergency costs (€5000). His surgery + rehab costs reach more than €40,000. So far he has managed to borrow partial amounts through personal loans to cover the expenses but it isn’t enough to pay for the full surgery and to cover rehab and living costs. Pim needs to raise 30,000 euro in order to get this urgent surgery. He cannot leave the hospital or return to regular life until the surgery is performed and the hospital cannot perform the surgery without full payment.

We are asking everyone who knows Pim to help us raise the €30,000 so that he can recover and get back to coaching and training the freediving community.

Pim Vermeulen is a long standing AIDA coach, instructor trainer, judge instructor and executive board member. He is also the owner / operator of IMMERSION Freediving in Dahab. Pim has always been an incredibly hard worker and a very giving person. He has coached and mentored numerous freediving students over many years and has always demonstrated a great willingness to help everyone around him. It’s our time now to help Pim.

The funds we are collecting through this campaign will help Pim undergo this very much-needed surgery and allow him to recover without undergoing any further financial stress. Pim will be unable to work for some time after surgery as he recovers and will need assistance, as well money to stay afloat until he can return to work.

We are reaching out to everyone who knows Pim, the global freediving community and all students, athletes, clients and friends of Pim, to help out and donate whatever they can to ensure that Pim receives the medical care he needs. We need him back in good health so that he can get back to what he does best; teaching freediving.

Please give what you can. Every bit is much appreciated.
Thank you.

If you want to help Pim, you can donate here.

Steve Millard

Steve Millard

Steve Millard is a leading UK based AIDA and PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer who is the owner of Apneists UK freediving group - Currently Press officer to the British Freediving Association and Performance mermaids lead coach.

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