Full range of new Ammonite lights available now


Nautilus Diving Products have announced that the full range of new Ammonite lights are now available

In addition to the already available Helios, new this month comes the Speleo, Solaris and Nautilus light heads.

The Spelio is a cave diving umbilical light providing up to 1500 lumens on full power. It has a concentrated beam that narrows to 6 degrees that can make its way through the water for good communications.

The Solaris NextGen is built with withstand the harshest of conditions. It is a wreck diving light that provides 4500 lumens. It also features three light levels BOOST, OPERATIONAL and BACK-UP to preserve battery and adjust brightness levels to eliminate backscatter in murky water.

The Nautilus is the most versatile of dive lights. It utilizes the latest COB Cree CXB chip and Fresnel lens that allows providing  impressive 4000 lumens of light and smoothly adjust the light beam to as low as 9 degrees and as high as 45 degrees.

Ammonite offer a range of different battery pack options, including flight safe batteries and the heated Accuthermo range.

For more information please visit the Nautilus website by clicking here.

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