Frogfish: what do you know about them? (Watch Video)


The first in an exciting new series of blogs introducing some of the amazing marine life you can encounter at Magic Resorts in the Philippines…

Some interesting facts!

The Frogfish is an interesting creature, not only because of its name and appearance, but especially because of its abilities.

The squat sitting position of this special creature is the reason they are called ‘Frogfish’. Frogfish tend not to swim too often, however, when they do swim, they have an interesting swimming technique. They use their tail fin but to increase their speed, they will gulp water and propel it out through their gills to move forward. Although most species are poor swimmers, they are categorized as fish because of their gills and fins. 
In some areas of the world this creature is called an Anglerfish, which will make more sense after reading this blog!

Frogfishes are characterized by their odd appearance. Honestly, did you notice you were staring at a frogfish the first time you saw one? Their camouflage skills are incredible! Frogfishes can adapt to simple backgrounds, but are also able to grow bumps, warts, hairs and flaps! That’s the reason it’s hard to identify them. Different species can look similar because of this ability. You might think you’re staring at a Painted Frogfish when it’s actually a Warty Frogfish. Simply amazing!

Furthermore, Frogfishes love to go fishing. Yes, a fish that goes fishing! They have their own fishing gear to catch their preys: they have a rod and a lure on their heads (the first of their dorsal spines). They normally find themselves a convenient spot, stay there and hunt. They are one of the best ambush predators of all fishes: they can catch a fish out of a school without the other fish noticing it!

With their ability to camouflage and adjust themselves to their environment, they can stay in the same spot for quite a while, keeping themselves safe from other predators!

So, calling them Anglerfish now makes more sense, right?

Some general facts!

  • There are 47 different, acknowledged species of Frogfishes. Can you name them all?
  • Frogfishes vary in size from 0.5 inch (the Randall’s Frogfish) to 20 inch (the Commerson’s/Giant Frogfish).

  • Frogfishes can be found in many places: coral reefs, seagrass beds or a sandy bottom.
  • The mouth of a frogfish can expand up to 12 times its original size and swallow a pray that’s twice as big as its own body!

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