Fourth Element: 10% for you, 10% for the reef


Fourth Element are turning Black Friday ‘Bright’ with 10% off for their customers online and 10% of each sale being donated to the Reef World Foundation.

Glowing, glowing, gone

The upper ocean is absorbing over 90% of climate change heat, putting coral reefs firmly on the frontline of the issue. The ocean sustains all life on Earth, yet it is as fragile as the human body — with even a small change in temperature (as little as 1 degree C), vital systems start shutting down.

This is what glowing corals indicate, why we should all take notice and why we need them to inspire action. This alarming phenomenon has been monitored and recorded by The Ocean Agency, find out more about them here.

How does 10% help?

By donating to Reef World, Fourth Element support the important work that they are doing to protect our reefs. Inspiring and supporting businesses, governments, communities and individuals to protect marine environments, making sustainable diving and snorkelling the social norm and encouraging everyone in our industry to act now to ease pressures on the reef through their Green Fins initiative.

Visit and use code BRIGHT10 at checkout until midnight GMT Monday 2nd December.

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