EXCLUSIVE: AP Commando Video Review


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  1. Nothing new on either the BCD product or the description. AP’s Buddy Commando BCD’s had been in continuous production for many years (decades?).

    It had seen modifications and changes ‘enhancements’ such as integrated weight pouches, but is largely the same.

    It’s certainly more rugged and built to last compared to much of the competition from the far east, America and Europe, but is in essence still a standard ‘stab’ jacket.

    About the only significant change has been the removal of the Auto-Air and large gas connection with a standard inflator/dump and Schrader valve & hose. A far better and standardised solution.

    I don’t agree with the fitting of a mini-cylinder, due to the high potential for a diver untrained in it’s use to easily make an uncontrolled buoyant ascent with all the potential for a DCI associated with such an incident. This is why they’re no longer supplied by other manufacturers.

    As regards Mr. Goodman’s commentary (BTW is it Jeff or Geoff?), it leaves a great deal to be desired, both in terms of terminology (such as referring to the lower gas-dump deflator as a ‘quick release’) and the many uses of ‘I like’ which provides no qualitative or comparative knowledge other than personal opinion. Some opinion is to be expected in any review, but not the overwhelming content.

    Also the reference to ‘breathing off’ the mouthpiece, where he clearly meant to say that it could be orally inflated via the mouthpiece / inflator valve is confusing and incorrect.

    He could have mentioned some of it’s key benefits compared to the competition, such as being UK made and supported with a great backup and service from APD and that fact that it uses good quality components, as shown by the fitting of stainless steel D rings, where many other brands have changed to weaker plastic D rings to save costs.

    In simple terms it’s an OK rugged BCD with many standard features and a long track record of UK diving that’s evolved somewhat over the many years of production.

    However, on the whole, I’ll stay with my range of wings and back-plates.

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