Equipment Review: Sharkskin Hecs Covert Men’s Suit (Watch Video)


In the first of two videos, Black Manta Photography review the latest Sharkskin products…

What is it you look for when looking for a quality exposure suit? The fit, or maybe the design? So many aspects to consider, from a line-up of so many brands.

Well, let’s add another into the mix – the Hecs Covert suit from Sharkskin.

The Hecs Covert packs a whole host of benefits making it a serious contender for your next purchase, but more importantly is not made from neoprene!

This suit, made from 4 way stretch fleece, can we worn on its own in tropical waters, and also under a drysuit for warmth. The thumb loops and ankle stirrups help to get a good fit, and it’s easy to get on and off, but you notice the real difference when you get it in the water.

It’s incredibly comfortable to wear, and because it’s neutrally buoyant when compared to neoprene suits, no extra weight is required.

The hollow fibre fleece lining allows it to breathe, and the enhanced wicking capabilities also help to soak up moisture and sweat if wearing under a drysuit. If you find yourself in warm waters it will provide the same thermal protection as a 3mm neoprene suit.

The fleece material is seriously quick drying, but most importantly this suit can be washed in the washing machine with normal detergent meaning you can really get the clean and fresh – something you just wouldn’t do with a neoprene suit!

But it’s the Hecs Covert properties that really stand this product apart from anything else. The Covert technology is designed to reduce the electromagnetic output of the wearer so less is omitted and detected from the outside. This makes the suit ideal to get close to fish and sharks that naturally sense these low electrical currents naturally produced by divers.

Next time you’re looking for a quality suit, make sure you add the Sharkskin range to your list – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens is a keen underwater videographer and half of the team at Black Manta Photography with his partner Hayley. He is a qualified TEC50 and sidemount diver who has been diving for nearly 15 years with hundreds of dives in varied locations around the world. A keen marine conservationist, with a passion for large pelagic marine animals, Richard has studied marine biology and spent time studying the ecology of sharks. Richard also has a huge ‘lust for rust’ and a burning desire to delve into the world of cave diving. Armed with his camera, his aim is to inspire others to witness the marvels in our beautiful oceans for themselves.

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