Don’t miss the Scubapro G2 offer!


The Scubapro G2 offer has officially been extended until the end of February 2019. Good news if you are after a high end, versatile computer at a massively discounted price.

There are three options: the G2 with a free transmitter, the G2 with heart rate monitor and a free transmitter, or if you prefer a console computer the offer also applies to the G2 console which also comes with the heart rate belt. Adding the heart rate belt might seem like a bit of a gimmick but it adds a lot to the function of the G2, allowing it to factor in your heart rate, breathing rate and skin temperature to calculate a truly personal dive profile.

– Buy the G2 Full-Set and get the transmitter free

G2 Computer, Transmitter, HRM Belt and Soft Box.

  • Regular Price               £980
  • Promotion Price         £800

– Buy the G2 computer and get the transmitter free

G2 Computer & Transmitter

  • Regular price               £915
  • Promotion Price         £735

– G2 Console with convenient quick-connect & HRM belt

  • Regular Price              £980
  • Promotion Price        £800

Visit to find out more or visit the G2 Promotion Feature Page.

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