Diving the Great Barrier Reef with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions (Watch Video)


In this exclusive Vlog for Scubaverse and Dive Travel Adventures, Richard and Hayley from Black Manta Photography head to Australia to dive the Great Barrier Reef aboard Spoilsport, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions’ multi-award-winning, iconic liveaboard.

For more from Richard and Hayley visit www.blackmantaphotography.com.

Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens is a keen underwater videographer and half of the team at Black Manta Photography with his partner Hayley. He is a qualified TEC50 and sidemount diver who has been diving for nearly 15 years with hundreds of dives in varied locations around the world. A keen marine conservationist, with a passion for large pelagic marine animals, Richard has studied marine biology and spent time studying the ecology of sharks. Richard also has a huge ‘lust for rust’ and a burning desire to delve into the world of cave diving. Armed with his camera, his aim is to inspire others to witness the marvels in our beautiful oceans for themselves.

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