DiveFest Barbados set for next week


A festival to celebrate all things diving will be held in Barbados next week. The four day event will have activities for those that love scuba diving, freediving, marine conservation and having fun in the sun. A host of dive centres from around this idyllic Caribbean island will be taking part, with divers exploring both sides of the island during the day and night.

There are plenty of events that will help protect the marine life too, with beach clean-ups, turtle tagging, lionfish hunts and coral nursery creation. Those attending will be able to try out freediving and for those that are new to diving, there will also be try dives. As part of this festival, loads of local children have also been given the opportunity to learn to swim and to discover the wonders of the marine environment.

If you cannot make it along to the event yourself, then you can always keep up to date with what is happening here on Scubaverse. We will be sending a team, made up of Jeff, Nick and Caroline, out to Dive Fest Barbados to report back on all the activities. Expect live reports from many of the events on our Facebook page, and stories, images and video on the website too.

The Dive Fest Barbados events will be running from Tuesday evening of July 3rd until Sunday July 8th.

To find out more about this event, visit the website by clicking here

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