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Explore Gibraltar’s spectacular underwater world with more than 30 wrecks, reefs and pinnacles to choose from. Gibraltar offers excellent sport for beginners, experienced open water and wreck divers. There are three established diving schools that offer diving opportunities. All provide equipment, so all you need is a swimsuit and a towel to participate. However, if you prefer to use your own diving equipment, there is no restriction for bringing it into Gibraltar.

For scuba divers there’s everything from “try a dive” to advanced instruction. There’s lots to see underwater, from ancient relics to wrecks and you can obtain scuba diving qualifications from the “NAUI”, “PADI” or “BSAC” schools in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, set at the gateway of the Mediterranean, enjoys a temperate sea, giving the diversity of sea life one would expect in such waters. With the constant influx of water from the Atlantic Ocean, Gibraltar enjoys teeming marine life in a vibrant display of colours. You are likely to come across octopus, moray eels, plenty of bass, bream, mullet, sunfish nudibranch and a host of others along with rays and congers.

Dive Sites

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters, a collection of rocky pinnacles, close to the shore and suited to novice and experienced divers, has evolved over thousands of years to provide a home for a breathtaking array of corals and 165 different species of invertebrate. Visibility can be excellent making it great for underwater photography, and with long hot sunny days and mild evenings night diving is a must.

Europa Reef

Another favourite reef is Europa Reef, found to the south of Gibraltar, where the adventurous diver can enjoy good reef diving with drop offs and caves. Roman and Phoenician anchors can still be seen scattered along the reef together with grouper meagers, and an abundance of marine life.

Rosia Bay

Rosia Bay, where the flag ship HMS Victory brought Nelson’s body after the Battle of Trafalgar, provides a sheltered area with a sandy sea-bed for dive training and try dives.


Language: English

Currency: UK Pound, Gibraltar Pound

Dive Season:  All year round

Climate: Mediterranean/Subtropical

Air Temperature: 11°-31°C (52°-88°F)

Water Temperature: 15°-24°C (59°-75°F)

Visibility: 10 – 25 Metres

Skill Level: Beginner – Professional


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