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Clear seas and warm waters, together with a variety of sites to suit all levels of experience, make Cyprus ideal for diving. Sea temperatures around the island range from 16 to 27 ºC, resulting in one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean, while the absence of plankton makes for great visibility.

See spectacular sea caves and tunnels, a dazzling array of marine life and explore the wreck of the MS Zenobia, which sank off the coast of Larnaka in 1980 and was recently voted one of the best wreck sites in the world by The Times. Sea turtles can be spotted regularly, thanks to a turtle conservation project that has increased their numbers around the island considerably and spectacular underwater caves and tunnels and a number of interesting paths are just waiting to be explored, while the remains of ancient amphora and stone anchors make it a veritable adventure. Non-diving companions will be kept entertained with the wealth of topside activities, including the rare opportunity to snorkel with Green and Loggerhead turtles off the beaches of Lara and Latchi.


The area upholds a well-deserved reputation for wreck diving and is host to more than seven sites, including the Zenobia, which are suited to both experienced thrill seekers and those making a start in diving. Two more challenging dives are the Mushroom Rocks – 50m below sea level – home to large deep sea fish – and the H.M.S Cricket, a WW1 river gunboat, which lies upside down at a depth of 30m.

Agia Napa

Highlights of the region include Canyon, a very picturesque dive site with beautiful corals and amazing rock formations such as walls and canyons. The maximum depth is 18 m. and plenty of colourful fish can be seen here. Green Bay which is also accessible at night, is the perfect location to learn to dive, with a maximum depth of 12m and a colourful variety of marine life.


Four main sites can be visited around Limassol, including one known as Big Country, which is rich in underwater life and striking rock formations, and Copper Wreck and Akrotiri Fish Reserve, both ideal for beginners (9m depth).


Pathos is as well known in Cyprus for its quality diving sites as well as for its luxury hotels with four inspiring locations to choose from. Learn to dive at the picturesque White River site with its colourful canyons, swim-throughs and abundant marine life. Also thriving in marine life is St George’s Island where divers can spot octopus and turtles while exploring the amazing rock walls, drop-offs, caves and overhangs. Manijin Island – the tiny island off the coast of Paphos – also presents an array of swim-throughs and rock formations. Perhaps the most impressive dive site near Paphos is Vera K, the fascinating 1970s shipwreck which serves as a favourite amoung romantic divers who can capture delightful photographs with two striking arches as an impressive backdrop.

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Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Dive Season:  All year round

Climate: March – June: hot and dry. July – October: rainy. November – February: cool.

Air Temperature: 10°-15°C (50°- 59°F) in winter, 25° – 35°C (77° – 95°F) in summer

Water Temperature: 16°-27°C (60°-80°F)

Visibility: 20 – 35 Metres

Skill Level: Beginner – Professional


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