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Anguilla has six marine parks and nine dive wrecks, plus a huge array of coral formations, walls, ridges, canyons and tunnels for both novice and experienced divers. In addition, the creation of Stoney Bay Marine Park has ensured that artefacts dating back to the 18th century will continue to be preserved for future enjoyment. The wreck of the Spanish Galleon, El Buen Consejo, together

with cannons, anchors and bronze medals embedded in the coral at Stoney Bay, is the island’s most impressive underwater treasure.


Dive Sites


Off this tiny island at the west end of Anguilla are three mini-walls with ledges and small caves. This site features hard coral, southern stingrays, spotted moray eels, spiny lobsters, turtles and eagle rays. It is good for both novice and experienced divers. Depth: 15-60 feet.

Authors Deep

Features a variety of coral including black corals and small fish and is recommended for experienced divers. Depth: 110 feet and deeper.

Crystal Reef

This site boasts both soft and hard coral and lots of marine life such as trumpet fish, angelfish and arrow crabs. Depth: 15-75 feet.

Dog Island

This location features two sites – West Cay and Devil’s Wall. A drift dive along a spectacular rock face with a diversity of marine life. For experienced divers. Depth: 90 feet.

Little Bay

A calm and sheltered site ideal for night dives. Depth: 15-30 feet.

Prickly Pear

Ledges and caverns that are home to nurse sharks. Depth: 30-70 feet.

Sandy Island

This site is noted for its abundance of soft coral and sea fans. Depth: 15-60 feet.

Sandy Deep

Abundant fish and occasionally lobsters; lots of coral and sea fans. Depth: 15-60 feet.

Stoney Ground Marine Park

Anguilla’s first underwater heritage site, this location is a natural wreck of the late 18th century Spanish Crown vessel, El Buen Consejo. Public dive tours of the site are available.

The Steps at Little Scrub

A ledge dive with lots of fish such as angelfish, blue tang, nurse shark, trumpet fish and barracuda.

This site provides a fabulous opportunity for photography. Depth: 40-80 feet.

Wreck of the M.V. “Commerce”

One of 9 wrecks sunk intentionally to create an artificial reef, this vessel sits upright on a gentle slope.

Abundant fish life can be seen here. Swim through the ship if the current is not too strong. Great for underwater photography. Depth: 40-80 feet.

Wreck of the M.V. “Ida Maria”

Encrusted with hard and soft corals. Novice to experienced. Depth: 60 feet.

Wreck of the M.V. “Oosterdiep” and Oosterdiep Reef

Near an excellent coral reef dive. Stingrays, turtles, lobsters, moray eels, barracuda, bar jacks and yellow snappers are common in this location. Depth: 80 feet.

Wreck of M.V. “Sara”

Barracuda, south western stingray, yellowtail snapper, angelfish and trunkfish which frequent this spot to create a great photograph opportunity. Depth: 80 feet.

Dive Anguilla 1 Turtle and ship wreck



Language: English, Anguillian

Currency: East Caribbean Dollars

Dive Season:  All year round

Climate: Tropical

Air Temperature: 22°-31°C (71°-88°F)

Water Temperature: 24°-30°C (70°-80°F)

Visibility: 18 – 30 Metres

Skill Level: Beginner – Professional


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