Dive Expedition Features Best of Indonesia’s Marine Locations


Leading UK scuba diving tours company Dive Safari Asia have created an expedition which features a collection of Indonesia’s top dive sites. The route spans through a vast network of islands in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago and features diving across a range of unique marine habitats.

Indonesia makes up over 17,000 different islands. The country is located in the heart of the coral triangle, an area of rich biodiversity. Scientists widely believe Indonesia to be home to more species of life than anywhere else on earth.

The regions featured across the expedition include vertical coral reef walls that descend to hundreds of meters at Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi. The Lembeh Strait, which is a channel of shallow water with a volcanic black sand base that is home to a staggering range of bizarre and oddly shaped creatures know to divers as ‘critters’. Finally Raja Ampat, a network of over 1,500 islands located on the boarder of New Guinea where expedition members will experience pristine coral reefs and dive with giant manta rays.

Tour leaders Ben Stokes and Sarah Kemsley carefully selected a number of specific dive sites to feature in the expedition following over 10 years and thousands of dives throughout the region.

‘This expedition is as much about diving as it is about nature, we’re going to be coming across marine life in all shapes and sizes during these trips’ describes Ben, ‘we feel it should attract both experienced divers and nature lovers in general’.

Accommodation en route includes a family owned dive resort in North Sulawesi (Tasik Ria Resort), a lodge on an otherwise uninhabited island in West Papua (Raja Ampat Dive Lodge) and a highland retreat in the Minihasan Highlands of Sulawesi.

Dive Safari Asia is a UK based company founded in 2008 by Ben Stokes and Sarah Kemsley. The couple spent 8 years working in various locations around the world as instructors and dive guides before returning to the UK to create their own brand of dive holidays which includes a number of exclusive expedition style trips through remote areas of Indonesia.

The next Best of Indonesia Expedition takes place between 15th November and 1st December 2013, and includes 14 nights accommodation with full board, 32 dives, all internal transfers, various land based excursions and is fully guided throughout. Prices from £3,250.00 including international flights.


For more information, contact the Dive Safari Asia team:

Telephone: 0800 955 0180

Email: ben@divesafariasia.com

Website: www.divesafariasia.com

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