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Curaçao is a Dutch Caribbean island in the southern Caribbean Sea, 40 miles north of the Venezuelan coast.  It is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and along with Aruba and Bonaire is the third of the ABC Islands. 

This thin island lies on the South American continental shelf and has a hot, semi arid climate and hilly topography.  The coastline features bays, inlets and hot springs known for their natural minerals.  The capital Willemstad boasts fantastic cuisine and art, and the historic city centre is a World Heritage Site.

Curaçao has some really great diving with biodiverse coral reefs and interesting wildlife.  Combined with the possibility of great tourist activities and the vibrant local island life with its unique culture and history, and you have a destination that will please all travelers.

Fact File





Papiamentu, Dutch and English

GMT -4

International Dialling Code
Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG)
Air Temperature (average)

24°C – 32°C

Water Temperature (average)

26°C –28°C

Tourist Board
International Airports
Curaçao International (CUR)

About The Diving

The north side of the island drops off steeply 60m from shore, being known as the “Blue Edge,” and is fantastic for wall and drift dives.  The south features numerous beaches, with calm waters where easy shore dives can be enjoyed.  Sea turtles breed in the inlets on the west end of the north shore.

Photos with thanks to Frank Do:

Dive Highlights


A showcase for the best of Curacao, Watamula, meaning “Water mill,” is an incredible drift dive.  Washed by currents, the coral reef here is vibrant and diverse.  Large, healthy hard corals and gorgonians adorn the wall with a huge number of resident fish species.  Turtles are a common sight and whale sharks are occasional visitors.  The current makes this dive more suitable for advanced divers.

Playa Kalki

Also known as “Alice in Wonderland,” Playa Kalki is an easily accessible shore dive suitable for all divers.  The reef has plenty of life, is great for macro spotting and a drop off from 10-30m is visited by rays, turtles and schools of baitfish.

The Superior Producer

A great site for wreck lovers, The Superior Producer is a 50m long, 400 ton cargo ship that sank in 1977.  Since then the wreck has become shrouded in colorful coral and this artificial reef is now a magnet for marine life including tarpon, barracuda and jacks.  The dive is suited to advanced divers due to the 30m depth.


Suitable for all levels of diver, this shallow wreck is just 5m below the surface making it accessible to snorkelers also.  The Tugboat was intentionally sunk as an artificial reef and is now covered in soft coral and sponges.  It is a great site for spotting macro life including seahorses, shrimp and nudibranchs.  Octopus, snapper and tarpon are also regularly seen both on the wreck and under the nearby pier.

Mushroom Forest

This is a fabulous maze of large coral heads that look like giant colourful mushrooms.  The shallow depth and great visibility combined with an abundance of marine life make for a wonderful relaxed dive and excellent photography conditions.

Klein Curaçao

A one and half hour boat ride off the southeast coast of Curaçao is the uninhabited volcanic islet of Klein Curaçao.  The reef has fantastic visibility and spectacular coral.  What makes this so special is the marine megafauna that visit the reef, including mola mola, turtles, and hammerhead sharks.


Paradise is a cave dive; with healthy reef surrounding the cave and few other dive boats this site is well worth a visit.  Sea turtles are a common sight and can be found sleeping in the caves on night dives.  Big eyes, sweepers and other dark dwelling fish and invertebrates inhabit the cave and shafts of sunlight at the entrance make for a varied and beautiful dive.

When To Go

Curaçao is a great place to visit all year round, however the best conditions are in the dry season, January to September.  The wet season is October to December and while still warm and largely sunny, the weather can be more changeable. 

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