dead dolphins found on Imperial Beach, San Diego, appear to have been ‘split in half’


Rami Abdelmoneim, a friend of Scubaverse conservation editor Jeff Goodman, has shared this with us:

These photos were given to me last week by a friend living in Imperial Beach, San Diego. While walking along the shoreline last week, he came across two dolphin carcasses not too far from the Imperial Beach pier. The dolphins appear to have been split in half. The cuts look too straight to have been a shark bite and many in the community are wondering what is going on. It is very common to see bottlenose dolphins swimming near the pier and playing with surfers. There seems to be a beautiful and thriving dolphin population along these waters and many people are concerned about these incidents. We are asking the community to please share any information they might have about these dolphins. Please be on the lookout and take pictures if you see anything like this again. There are a lot of very disturbing reports that have been coming out in recent days from all across California about marine species suddenly dying and washing up to shore in the hundreds. If you live near IB, please be on the lookout…..

dead dolphin 1


dead dolphin 2


dead dolphin



Have you found any dead marine animals in a similar state in the Imperial Beach area of San Diego, or perhaps anywhere else? If so, please let us know by commenting below.

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