BSAC divers are world record holders for underwater dominoes


Del-Mar Dive Club has officially earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for their recent underwater dominoes record attempt.

In the past few days, members of Del-Mar Dive Club have had official news from the London headquarters of the Guinness World Records that they have smashed the record for the number of scuba divers playing underwater dominoes at the same time.

To celebrate BSAC’s diamond jubilee, Del-Mar Dive Club brought together 60 divers to play underwater dominoes at the same time, beating the previous record by 10.

Del-Mar Dive Club first came up with the idea for underwater dominoes as a novel way to mark the 60th anniversary.

They then spent six months planning for the event, which took place in August at Wigston Swimming Pool where the club hold their training sessions, before facing a nervous six-week wait to find out whether their hard work had paid off.

One of the main organisers, Del-Mar Dive Club Diving Officer Daniel Smith, said he had an attack of nerves when he saw the official email come through to his inbox.

Daniel said: “I knew we had worked really hard to get it but the rules and regulations surrounding record attempts are so strict.

“I felt sure we had remained within the boundaries of what they allow but with all the paper work you need to submit, video footage you need to provide, I couldn’t be 100 per cent sure so I was very nervous when I was opening the email.

“You can imagine the relief when I read what it said – which was ‘We are delighted to confirm that you have successfully achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ’Most people playing dominoes underwater’. We would like to congratulate you on your record-breaking achievement. You are OFFICIALLY AMAZING.’”

To celebrate the fact they are now ‘officially amazing’ and to mark BSAC’s diamond jubilee, the Del-Mar divers have organised a huge bash at Stoney Cove, the UK’s National Diving Centre in Stoney Stanton, on November 30.

You can find out more about Del-Mar Dive Club here.

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