Aqua Lung Group announces LEG3ND Regulator launch for January 2020


Aqua Lung has announced the newest version of their flagship LEG3ND scuba regulator this week at the DEMA tradeshow in Orlando, Florida.

“The “Legend 3” Regulator is a full redesign of our famous Legend franchise – it is the absolute pinnacle of underwater breathing technology and the latest version of our best-selling and highest performing regulator,” said Laurent Boury, Vice President of International Diving for the Aqua Lung Group.

“Somehow our engineering & development team at Aqua Lung France has been able to outdo themselves yet again,” continued Mr. Boury. “This third iteration of the Legend is by far our best – it is more capable, easier breathing and more versatile than anything we have ever built.”

Aqua Lung Ocean Ambassador Mr. Philippe Cousteau echoes Mr. Boury’s assessment, adding “The Legend has always been my regulator of choice, no matter if I am diving under ice at one of the poles or on a tropical reef; it is the one regulator capable of outperforming anything else in either condition.”

The LEG3ND will be released for sale worldwide on January 10, 2020.

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