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Amphibico Rouge Underwater Housing



amphibicoThis ground breaking project has been the most ambitious project that Amphibico has undertaken in the past 10 years. Amphibico are proud to announce and present the new Rouge underwater housing for the RED Scarlet X and Epic cinema cameras.

Amphibico’s development team has excelled to a new level, by using dual electronic Amphibi-grips® and menu control panel.  This will allow the user access to all the important key controls of the camera keeping in mind total ergonomics and underwater balance.  Most of those who are familiar with Amphibico’s products will know that the housing construction quality and reliability is still the highest you could find in the industry. That is why Amphibico once again, is leading the way of technology and performance with underwater imaging.


Housing Key Features:

–       Designed for professional underwater use

–       Practically no tools required to mount camera in housing makes for a quick topside ready camera in minutes.

–       Full electronic control of the camera, with a state of the art control system, 14 Electronic push button controls on dual Amphibi-grips® and a menu panel provides; -Direct access to operational camera functions such as Record, White Balance, Shutter Speed, ISO & Aperture at finger tip access.

–       Easy access to camera navigation functions such as Menu, Up, Down, Right, Left & Select to change camera’s parameters.

–       Access to various user define functions, to execute a number of the camera’s user keys & function keys.

–       “REDMOTE NOT REQUIRED” All controls are on the grips

–       Servo driven proportional Manual Focus wheel

–       Servo driven proportional Manual Zoom wheel

–       Servo driven Manual Iris wheel

–       Power On/Off

–       Rear view & top view window to use with the RED TOUCH 5.0″ LCD display

–       Sensitive Hydrophone

–       Water sensor alarm

–       Stream lined positioned Tally light provided to inform your talent diver when camera is recording

–       Bayonet Mounted Port System

–       4 auxiliary ports, supporting bulkhead connectors such as HDMI & HD-SDI outputs

–       Optional External monitor ready

–       Accepts compatible V-Mount batteries (RED Brick, Switronix XP-L95RED etc)

–       Accessory mounting holes of various standard sizes underneath housing.

–       Housing will accept the most popular lenses from Nikon, Canon as well as cinema PL mount lenses

–       Perfectly balanced

–       Streamline design

–       Dimensions: 14.75″(37.5cm) Long x 9.75″(24.8cm) High x 15″(38.1cm) Wide

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SeaLife Launches the new SportDiver ULTRA Smartphone Underwater Housing



Smartphone Underwater Housing

Right in time for the summer season SeaLife launches the new SportDiver Ultra Smartphone housing, which is designed to accommodate also larger Android models. The new Ultra model has all SportDiver features including use of the same SportDiver iOS and Android app. The primary difference is a slight increase in length of the housing and a lens port to support the lens cluster popular with many large Android models such as the Samsung S21 and S23, and S24 Ultra models.

Underwater Housing

The SeaLife SportDiver Ultra housing allows taking photos and videos with the smartphone down to 40 meters. The heavy-duty housing is constructed of polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum, and optical grade glass. Weighing less than 641 grams, it offers near-neutral buoyancy in water depending on which smartphone is used. The ergonomic design is easy to hold and use, featuring a large shutter lever and rear control buttons for easy operation, even with dive gloves. The free SportDiver camera app for Android and iOS also offers a power-save mode that temporarily turns the phone’s camera off and dims the display; a touch to any button wakes it up at once. The App Playback mode shows full size photos and videos with a vertical thumbnail strip to easily find your images. All files are also saved to the phone’s camera roll. The housing automatically connects to your phone and the SportDiver app using Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology and offers ultra-low power consumption which is powered by two AAA batteries that last over 50 hours of continuous use.

Underwater Housing
The SportDiver Ultra has “Dual Leak Alarms” which include an internal moisture alarm and a vacuum pressure alarm which alert the diver with on-screen warnings, audio, and LED signal in the unlikely event the waterproof seal is compromised when there’s a loss of housing pressure or moisture is detected. The housing features a new interior design that is less sensitive to moisture caused by opening the door in a damp environment. The door of the SportDiver Ultra is sealed with a TPE O-ring and a robust cam-lock sealing latch that easily and securely locks waterproof door.

The SportDiver Housing features seven 1/4-20 tripod mount options, a removable underwater color-correction filter is included. It is also available as a SportDiver Ultra PRO 2500 set with light, tray, and handle.

Underwater Housing

SeaLife offers a “fit-guide” on its website for users to instantly determine if their phone model fits into the SportDiver Ultra housing –



GBP 315.00

(June 2024)

GBP 729.00

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Gear News

ANTEPRIMA: 140 Under Ice – the RECORD MONDIALE film (Watch Trailer)



world record

Just a few weeks after the incredible double world record under the ice, Valentina Cafolla presents the film that recounts her feat and brings back the thrills of those days at the historical headquarters of the SEAC diving equipment company in Chiavari.

Watch the trailer here:


Via Martiri della Liberazione 131, 16043 Chiavari GE


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