Aeris Jetpack BCD Tackles Rising Baggage Fees


Excess baggage fees for domestic US carriers exceeded 3.5 BILLION dollars in 2012. Many divers know the pain at the airport of turning up with a big, bulky bag – putting it on the scales and looking the other way while the check-in agent figures out whether they are going to charge you additional fees is often a common and an unwelcome start to many a diver’s holiday. As a result, many divers are choosing to leave their gear at home and rent. Worst still (in the eyes of the world’s dive equipment manufacturers at least), many have stopped buying kit altogether.

According to Aeris Vice-President Doug Krause, “As a manufacturer, this is a challenge and opportunity we set out to address. However, rather than follow the trend of sacrificing materials and features in a travel BC to take another half-pound out of the dive bag, we decided to take the BC out of the bag altogether. Why take a product that already has a harness and backpack and shove it in a bag when we can use it to carry all the other gear?”
Krause continues, “Divers are clamoring for something new and different – the Jetpack meets and exceeds those demands in a very specific and direct way. Any traveling diver will tell you that rising baggage fees are making it difficult for the average diver to fully enjoy the dive travel experience. The Jetpack isn’t just a solution – it’s a revolution for both dive travelers AND dive retailers.”


The Aeris Jetpack is available now. For more information including video demos and reviews, visit the product page on the Aeris website:

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