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A new website for the African Institute for Marine and Underwater Research, Exploration and Education (AIMURE) has launched



A new website has launched for the African Institute for Marine and Underwater Research, Exploration and Education (AIMURE).
The African Institute for Marine and Underwater Research, Exploration and Education (AIMURE) was established in October 2012. It is an entirely independent successor of a former institute that was created in 1999. The AIMURE is a non-profit (NPO) and non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is registered with the South African Department of Social Development. The AIMURE was created to stimulate and support African marine, maritime and underwater studies.
The main objective of the AIMURE is to actively develop and pursue projects that promote research, exploration and education related to the marine, maritime and underwater environments. With the recently created website, which is online as of today, AIMURE is targeting new partnerships and sponsors to successfully realize  its objectives through research and educational projects, as well as scientific publications to reflect the outcome of these projects. AIMURE is renowned for projects in the field of maritime archaeology through the work of its present CEO Dr Bruno Werz. In due time, the Institute would like to expand its research programme and include projects that deal with the full scope of underwater, marine and maritime studies, such as oceanography, limnology, hydrographic surveys and marine biology.

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Marine Life & Conservation

Watch The Real Watergate from Live Ocean Foundation (Trailer)



Sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke established Live Ocean Foundation out of their deep concern for health of the ocean and the life in it. Through their sport they champion action for the ocean, taking this message to the world.

Many of the issues the ocean faces are out of sight, but the science is clear, the ocean is in crises from multiple stressors; climate change, pollution and over-fishing. We’re not moving fast enough, not even close.

Live Ocean Foundation supports exceptional marine scientists, innovators and communicators who play a vital role in the fight for a healthy future.

Thanks to generous core donors who cover their operating costs, 100% of public donations go directly towards the marine conservation projects they support.

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Marine Life & Conservation

World Oceans Day: Fourth Element and Love The Oceans join forces




Fourth Element, a leading provider of high-quality dive gear, and Love The Oceans, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine conservation, have announced their new partnership on World Oceans Day, June 8th, 2023. This collaboration represents a shared commitment to protecting our oceans and promoting sustainable practices within the diving community.

Love The Oceans is widely recognized for their exceptional work in marine conservation and their dedication to community development in Mozambique. The organization’s approach involves not only protecting marine wildlife and habitats but also empowering local communities to become guardians of their own environment.

Photo: Kaushiik Subramaniam

They place a strong emphasis on empowering women in the field of marine conservation. The team actively supports and encourages women to participate in their research programs, providing opportunities for training, leadership development, and career advancement, inspiring a new generation of female scientists and conservationists.

Love The Oceans seek out passionate individuals within local communities and provide them with training and resources. Fourth Element will then support these champions to become divers and ambassadors of the ocean, spreading awareness, implementing sustainable practices, and inspiring others to join the movement.

Photo: Mario Guilamba

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Love The Oceans,” said Jim Standing, co-founder of Fourth Element. “Our shared commitment to sustainable practices and marine conservation makes this collaboration a natural fit. We believe that by joining forces, we can amplify our efforts to protect our oceans and inspire positive change within the diving community.”

Francesca Trotman, Founder and CEO of Love The Oceans, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We’re thrilled to be working with Fourth Element, a brand that aligns with our values and ethos. This partnership will enable us to get more local community members scuba diving in Mozambique, monitoring our reef systems, and striving for better protection of our marine world. Working together, we’re conserving Mozambique’s coastline for generations to come.”

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