What is wrong with these people? The problem of dog waste…


I had a nice surf this morning. The sun was just rising over the hill at Sennen in Cornwall. The swell was small but clean, and the sea temperature still not too cold for this time of year. I jogged from the van to the beach, feeling pretty good, until I saw the ever too common plastic bag of dog sh*t neatly placed on a rock half way to the water. This is a sight we are seeing far too often these days, be it in the country, along side roads, in parks, on the beaches; it’s everywhere.

Think about the two items. Dog sh*t and plastic bags. Both on their own are pretty repulsive, but together and not properly disposed of, they are on a whole new level of wanton pollution. On the beaches, people are often in the public eye with their dogs and so do the right thing by picking up the poo in a plastic bag. But then, perhaps while no one is watching, they put the bag down and leave it for someone else to find and take care of. They should know – there are no dog sh*t fairies and even if there were, they wouldn’t find it in a plastic bag.

So what happens to it. Seagulls may rip it open in the forlorn search of food. Small kids may pick it up to see what it is and if left above the high water mark, sooner or later someone is going to stand in this well preserved bag of waste. But, if it is left on the beach and below the high water mark, then it is going to end up in the sea. More plastic to pollute our already overstretched oceans. It’s disgusting, it’s vile, it’s unnecessary, it’s lazy and it’s anti-social.

The thing that prompts me to write on this occasion is that the offending bag was placed on a rock not 50 meters from an official council dog poo waste bin. Whoever did this needs naming and shaming. If you see people doing this, have a word with them or at least try to take a photo and put it on social media. It has to stop.

Put it in a bin or take it home and hang it on a branch in your own garden!

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Scubaverse.com. Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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