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The Aggressor Fleet is one of the household names in diving, founded 34 years ago, and has just got even better with its latest promotion. Divers can save up to $1500 off selected Aggressor itineraries this Spring.

The company is known for providing great service and their luxurious liveaboard vessels visit more than 30 destinations around the globe. The fleet visits classic destinations such as the Red Sea, Caribbean and the Maldives, and also explores adventurous destinations such as Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Cocos Island. The Oman Aggressor joined the fleet in 2017 and divers can save up to $1000 off Oman Aggressor itineraries. The quiet and pristine dive sites of Oman, including seasonal kelp forests, are well worth exploring before they become well-known.

Divers who want to experience the World War II wrecks of Palau, including the famous Iro Maru, can save $1000, or take advantage of 2 for 1 offers, with the Palau Aggressor II.

There is something for every type of diver to enjoy within the fleet’s range of itineraries and destinations. Other discounts of $600 – 1000 in this spring promotion include safaris to the Galapagos, Red Sea, Maldives, Hawaii and Turks & Caicos.

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