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For this week’s competition, we’ve teamed up with our good friends at Mares to give away either a Dragon (if you’re a boy) or a Kaila (if you’re a girl) BCD!

Is it possible to do better? Mares has managed to do just that.

First and foremost, they are now fitted with the new SLS weight system – Slide and Lock System – offering more stable weight retention, increased seal surfaces, an active mechanical locking system, a quick release mechanism, a guide tunnel for easier insertion and a correct insertion sound feedback.

On Dragon and Kaila the SLS system has a 4+4 kg capacity on the XS and S sizes and 6+6 kg on the M, L and XL sizes.

A pocket with a neoprene panel has also been mounted, the “Stretch Pocket” that had already been implemented on the Quantum: manufactured in the same neoprene used for wetsuits, it is abrasion-resistant and has a sturdy, horizontal zipper.

The two BCDs offer excellent fit, and performance is improved by the separation between the bladder and the shoulders: a wider range of movement is possible and there is more stability for the bladder itself, even in the event of adjustment during the dive. With both versions, the bladder is joined to the shoulder by a buckle that can slide on a belt in order to guarantee that there is no traction on the shoulders during inflation.

Dragon and Kaila also let you choose one of two different positions for the strap that holds the inflator hose in order to cater to both those who want maximum ease in releasing the air by raising the hose and those who prefer to have the hose held tighter to their bodies.

The inflator hose itself has also been improved: the length has now been reduced to 32cm (instead of 40cm) for the S, XS and XXS sizes (available only for the KAILA women’s version).

The Trim Weight borrowed from the Bolt system, stable and practical, and the first BCD with adjustable “epaulettes”, show that Mares loves to work on details that can truly make a difference.

Last but not least, Mares has been more attentive to its female clientèle: Kaila, the dedicated “She Dives” solution, will mount a 40 mmbuckle, whereas Dragon, the “for him” BCD, will be fitted with a 50mm swivelling buckle.

To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, all you have to do is answer the following question:

In a recent post (which you will find here), we reported that earlier this year, Bikini Biologist Bobbie Renfro completed her PADI IDC in Roatan. But with which dive centre did she complete the course?

Was it:

A) Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center

B) Roatan Dive Center

C) Subway Watersports

Answer A, B or C to the question above:


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