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For this week’s competition, we’ve teamed up with our good friends at Paralenz to give away one of their fantastic dive cameras as a prize!

The Paralenz Dive Camera was specifically built for scuba divers by scuba divers who know what is required in an action camera.  Built into the camera is a depth sensor so you can set the camera to automatically adjust the white balance of your pictures and videos based on your depth. The camera has a built in rechargeable battery that you can power up from any USB port just like modern phones and tablets.

While diving you know that reds disappear quickly and your videos turn out blue with a traditional camera even with a red filter.  The Paralenz has a Built in Depth Sensor that adjusts the white balance of your photos and videos automatically when you change depth.  This feature will tone down the blues and make your videos look more life like.

Built in your camera has WiFi and Bluetooth to download pictures and video to a smart device.  The body of the camera is tough and compact but also features T-rails down its length that act as mounting points so you can mount it wherever you want and however you want.

To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, all you have to do is answer the following question:

In a recent post (which you can read here), we announced that has a new technical diving editor. But who is it?

Is it:

A) Paul Toomer

B) Phil Short

C) Olivier van Overbeek

Answer A, B or C to the question above:


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