Where’s Ellen? Part Two… (Watch Video)


Ellen Cuylaerts continues her travel adventures with a look back at ADEX in Singapore…

The only way forward for dive shows: Adex Singapore 25th anniversary, dedicated to a plastic free ocean!

ADEX 2019 is a wrap and took place April 11-14th in energetic Singapore. For 25 years the Asian Dive Expo has been a constant and the last 10 years with John Thet at the helm! John is the publisher of Underwater 360 with magazines ‘Asian Diver’, ‘Scuba Diver (Australasia + ocean planet)’ and many collector’s items! But John is so much more than a businessman, he has a true ocean heart, a vision and a strategy that is characterized by being genuine! ADEX is ‘so much more than a dive show’ – it’s a celebration of the oceans and a call to action.

This year’s theme dedication to a plastic free ocean was combined with the pledge for exhibitors, speakers and visitors to become an ocean citizen. The beauty of ADEX 2019 was that it was facilitated to say no to single use plastic: everywhere on the floor you could find water refilling stations that were actually art works provided by the Ayer Ayer Project. If you did not have a water container: no worries , you could rent a cup and even at the food station the drinks provided came in cans, bottles or beer from the tap in real glass pints!

And while I’ve seen efforts of manufacturers before in UK with Fourth Element leading by example and launching Mission 2020 last year to inspire the ban on plastic in packaging and logistics, I would love to see UK dive shows and DEMA in the USA banning the single use drink and coffee cups with plastic lids and the sale of plastic bottles on the floor. It’s an effort but we have to step away from the ‘throw away convenience’ and choose to avoid waste as much as we can. Will you take the pledge? And can we all ask the dive shows to do the same?

Apart from an excellent Tek Conference, many speakers and panels from photo/video, conservation, free diving and mermaiding circles, this ADEX stood out because we were all standing together to preserve our oceans, and to preserve life!

Here’s just a few highlights of the show:

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Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen Cuylaerts

As an underwater and wildlife photographer, Fellow of The Explorers Club and having a front seat in exploration being part of the Flag and Honours Committee, Ellen was also recently inducted in the Women Divers Hall of Fame. She travels the world and tries to make the most of every destination and the path that leads her there. Ellen acts as an ocean citizen and believes as divers we should all be ocean ambassadors and lead by example! She’s also a crazy cat lady and lives with her family in the Caribbean.

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