Virtual Diving: Lembeh Resort invite divers to join Sofa Dives off the Strait


Over the last two weeks Lembeh Resort have been inviting divers to join them for dives in the Lembeh Strait – but these are not ordinary dives, they are online Sofa Dives!

What is a Sofa Dive? The Critters at Lembeh Resort team ask divers to be online (and on their Facebook page) when the dive starts and then it’s a one hour opportunity to upload images and video from the dive site, meet and chat with other divers, re-live Lembeh diving memories and chat with members of the Lembeh Resort Team, their Dive Guides and Marine Biologist.

Lembeh’s first two sofa dives have proven to be a big hit, with over 200 comments received on each dive and a healthy selection of incredible imagery which is then downloaded and placed into a “dive collage” and posted on Facebook the following day.

Sofa Dives take place on Wednesdays and the time and dive sites are announced on the Critters at Lembeh Resort Facebook Page one day in advance (times vary from week to week), so stay tuned and if you haven’t done so already, join a Lembeh Strait sofa dive live from your living room!

If you are intending to become a “Sofa Diver” make sure you ‘LIKE’ the Critters at Lembeh Resort Facebook page in order to see announcements – and to be tagged in the post-dive collage, if you upload any of your images!

If you would like more information about staying and diving at Lembeh Resort, or to speak to one of their team, contact the resort directly on:

Sarah Wormald

Sarah Wormald

Sarah Ann Wormald is a writer and PADI Master Instructor with a passion for underwater photography and conservation. Sarah is the author of “Diving in Indonesia” and “Diving in South East Asia” (Tuttle Publishing). With over 20 years of diving experience, Sarah has dived all over the Indonesian Archipelago and South East Asia. Find out more at

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