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Schiedam Dive 02/11/2016

Posted on : December 27, 2016
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Posted by : Mark Milburn
Category : Wreck Diving
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Another dive on the protected wreck of the Schiedam at Gunwalloe in Cornwall. This historic wreck has an interesting story/ It was a Dutch East Indiaman, captured by Barbary pirates, then captured 2 weeks later by Sir Cloudisley Shovell. He took it to Tangiers, where it loaded up with captured guns and architectural stonework, then headed back to the U.K. It was lost in 1684 at Gunwalloe in Cornwall. The loss was of great concern to Samuel Pepys, an English naval administrator at the time. It has been protected by law, snorkelling or diving in the area is illegal. To visit the site, contact Atlantic Scuba, we have a license to visit the site.

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