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Sail Rock Whale shark

Posted on : May 25, 2017
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Posted by : Istvan Zoboki
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I went for a fun dive to Sail Rock (what is one of the best dive sites around Koh Tao)a few months ago. On the first dive, we saw a group of barracudas, giant groupers, group of batfish, and much much more amazing underwater creatures. On the surface back to the boat all divers who’ve surfaced before we were asking “did you see it?“ The question from was of course “what?“ ! The two whale sharks!!!! I was sure they just joking but when I saw the first GoPro picture I just want to be back in the water!! After 1 hour waiting, I jumped back in and I was lucky enough to spend 50 minutes with two of the biggest fish what I ever saw! This video will be always one of my favourite in my heart! I hope who watch it will enjoy it as much as I did! Music by: Arn Andersson Website: Facebook: Soundcloud: Contact:

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Istvan Zoboki

Istvan Zoboki

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