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Lion‘s Jellyfish life…

Posted on : August 22, 2017
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Posted by : Istvan Zoboki
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I filmed three jellyfish in 2 dives, what is not a big thing. But! It was amazing to watch the first one what was all around with divers and everybody was amazed by him. I swim a little bit away and I find another one that was just the half of the first beautiful jellyfish. Tangled in corals and fishes start to eat it piece by piece.The third jelly was on the end of his life, still trying to swim but he had no more chance. Maybe it is just for me but I felt a little bit sad while I film them.

The lion’s mane jellyfish cannot be missed in the open ocean where it prefers to float about. With tentacles up to 190 feet long and a bell diameter of almost 7 feet wide, some individuals even rival in size the blue whale, the largest animal in the world. Using the powerful sting of its tentacles, the lion’s mane jellyfish catch small fishes, tiny crustaceans and even other jellyfish to satisfy its diet. Lion’s mane jellyfish are continual swimmers that can cover great distances when strong marine currents are present, and while most individuals prefer to swim solo, large swarms occasionally occur when storms and tides are prevalent.

Filmed and Edited by Istvan Zoboki

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Istvan Zoboki

Istvan Zoboki

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