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Light & Motion was started up by two Stanford students in 1989. The company is based in Monterey in California and everything they make is built at this location. What a fantastic place to be based, where they can walk out the company headquarters doors and straight into the water for some great diving! We did this ourselves two years ago. We met-up with Hal Wolter at DEMA to talk about what is new in the world of Light & Motion.

s_lightmotion2Our first conversation got us onto just how many video lights there are on the market and how consumers are really struggling to work-out which was the best video/photo light to buy. Hal told us about the FL-1 standard that should put everyone on the same page when it comes to their claims on lumens and output. They have even gone so far as setting-up a webpage to compare the various lights that are on the market: www.wetestlights.com

We then got on with talking about new products from Light & Motion that were on display at DEMA. The first of these is the Sola Video Pro 9600. As the name suggests this is a 9600 lumen light launched at DEMA and it has an LED read-out on the back of the light to show the current battery life and lumen output. This is the top of the range video light with 7 modes plus an SOS facility.

Also new at the show was the Sola Video 3800 F. This is a wonderfully compact light that packs a mean punch. 3800 lumen flood with a wide 90 degree beam. It has a fast charge system, so that you can be fully charged within 1hr 45mins and you have the option of carrying a remote battery pack so that you can recharge this light without a wall socket for up to 3 charges, great for trips with limited access to standard electricity sockets!

s_lightmotion3The Sola Video 2500 S/f is a light that has a moderately wide beam of 60 degrees at 2500 lumens and also the option to switch to a penetrating 12 degree spotlight at 1200 lumen. This will be popular with underwater photographers who want a snoot-style light option, to go with a video light and can have this all wrapped up in one light with the Sola. Each beam has three power levels plus the additional SOS mode.

New for January 2017 will be a dome to increase the beam angle by 20 degrees. This has been designed so that it will fit all models from around the last 3 years.

Light & Motion have partnered with another DEMA exhibitor, Polarpro (see Scubaverse interview here) to create the “ultimate video kit” for the GoPro cameras. This is a package that includes a tray, 2 arms, filter system, macro lens and 2 lights, all packed up in a handy bag.


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