Update: Ocean Reef Emergency COVID-19 Protection Masks (Watch Video)


A month ago OCEAN REEF started developing the idea of converting Full Face Snorkeling Masks into protection masks – watch the video below:

The industrial production of these adaptors is now up and running. To find out more about the APA project, please visit www.oceanreefgroup.com

What OceanReefGroup is doing?

OceanReefGroup has decided to open up possibilities for others to benefit from their Patent and designs and technical knowledge developed. Institutions/universities/hospitals and other non-for profit entities will enjoy license for free, of one or more of their designs. Download 3D File

Where can I order the Adaptor?

The adaptor can be ordered starting from Mid April through OCEAN REEF dealers, distributors or their head offices in Italy and US.

To find the closest dealer use the Tool Locator.

What is the APA kit?

The adaptor will be sold starting from mid April with priority given to Institutions, Governmental Agencies, Hospitals. For the US market the APA kit will include:

APA – Aria Protection Adaptor and RD40/22.

APA is the adaptor that connects Ocean Reef manufactured snorkeling masks to P3 and other types of filters transforming the snorkeling mask, into an emergency personal protection mask.

RD40/22 is an adaptor that connects rd40-22mm inlets to 40mm 1/7″ threaded outlets. With this adaptor, you can connect an APA or EPA, or SGE Gas Masks to rd40-22mm devices such as Pall breathing filters, or similar.

Which FFSM models the APA fits?

This Adaptor works on: Aria QR+; Aria Classic; Aria Jr; UNO – all current and past OCEAN REEF branded products regardless of size and color.

Also, APA works on the following products: Head SeaVuDry (1); Head Sport; TUSA Sport regardless of color and size.

For more insights and explanations, OceanReefGroup released educational videos and tutorials on their YouTube Channel.

Snorkeling Masks into Emergency PPEs – tutorial part 1 – watch below:

Snorkeling Masks into Emergency PPEs- tutorial part 2 – watch below:

OceanReefGroup invites you to carefully review the FAQ on www.oceanreefgroup.com. If you are an Ocean Reef dealer, please contact your Sales Representative for further information.

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