UK Dive Pros: Save 30% On All BARE Drysuits


BARE brit discThe United Kingdom has some of the most adverse and varied diving conditions in the world, so it’s essential that professional divers in the UK have a drysuit they can rely on.

That’s why BARE drysuits is now offering all BARE drysuit models at a reduction off RRP of 30% to professional UK divers.

Who qualifies for this Professional offer? Instructors from any of the major training agencies including PADI, BSAC, SSI, IANTD, TDI, and GUE.

What you get: A 30% reduction off the RRP of any BARE Drysuit.

Options included in the professional price are: Your choice of size available from 17 Man and 6 Ladies sizes, choice of colours, seal choices of neoprene or latex (recommended Neoprene neck latex wrists) option of soft socks or HD boots.

What to do? Copy and paste the following questions into an email, answer them, and then send the email to along with proof of your current rating as an Instructor (proof of renewal and current status is required):

First Name:                 _________________________________________________________

Surname:                    _________________________________________________________

Address:                      ________________________________________________________

City:                            _________________________________________________________

County:                       _________________________________________________________

Postcode:                    ________________________________________________________

Email:                         _________________________________________________________

Telephone:                  ________________________________________________________

Date of Birth:             _________________________________________________________

Training Agency:            ______________________________________________________

Qualification:             _________________________________________________________

Nominated BARE Dealer______________________________________________________

Chosen BARE Drysuit,size and option/extras details._______________________________


By partaking in this BARE professional offer you are indicating you consent to receiving future professional offers or promotions via email from the following brands Atomic Aquatics, BARE, Zeagle, and Stahlsac. If you do not want to receive this information please tick here: ______

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is valid to professional divers residing within the UK Eire and CI
  • One Professional offer BARE Drysuit per professional diver
  • The professional discount of 30% off  the recommended retail price is Valid from the 15/10/15 through to 31/12/15

For more technical specifications of BARE drysuits, ask your local BARE dealer or view the model specifications at

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