This is Truk Lagoon: Episode 3 (Watch Video)


Matthias Lebo visits Truk Lagoon in a brand new five-part video series on

In Episode 3, Matthias introduces us to the wreck of the Heian Maru.

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Matthias Lebo

Matthias Lebo

Matthias, originally a banker from Switzerland, found his real passion when he started traveling the world in 2004 and discovered scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Very shortly after that he became a PADI Instructor himself and started passing on his passion to numerous students for several years in different tropical locations across the world. In 2011 he returned to Switzerland and started working in a marketing role for a dive tour operator. A former Underwater Videography student of Scubaverse's very own Jeff Goodman, Matthias films his underwater adventures with the purpose of showing people what wonders lie beneath the water's surface.

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