Tourist killed in Indonesia by crocodile while snorkelling


A Russian tourist was found dead after he was apparently attacked by a saltwater crocodile while snorkelling in Indonesia’s West Papua province, a rescue official said on Wednesday.

The body of Sergei Vasilyevich was found on Tuesday near a blue water mangrove forest in the Raja Ampat island chain, a popular diving and snorkeling spot, said Prasetyo Budiarto, the head of the local search and rescue agency.

“We believe he was eaten by a crocodile because we had to chase away a crocodile before retrieving his body,” Prasetyo said. “His left hand was severed and his left thigh had a gaping wound.”

Vasilyevich’s friends made a missing person report on Saturday after he failed to return to his homestay, he said.

Saltwater crocodiles can be found in mangrove swamps and estuaries.


Burt Jones Maurine Shimlock

Burt Jones Maurine Shimlock

Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock are award-winning marine life photographers whose assignments have taken them around the world to portray diverse subjects including the world’s longest underwater cave in Mexico and nesting sea snakes in Borneo. Their photographs have been published internationally, and Secret Sea, a collection of their photographs, was honored with the Benjamin Franklin award as the best book printed world-wide. Burt and Maurine’s lively and informative teaching style and their “Stop Taking Pictures and Start Creating Images” seminar, which they present on their Secret Sea Visions “Scuba Safaris”, have helped hundreds of marine life photographers improve their technique. Burt and Maurine are renowned “critter spotters” and their images often reveal habits and habitats of creatures many people never see for themselves. In June 2008 they began working with Conservation International as consultants on sustainable marine tourism. Burt and Maurine’s long-term project is to explore, photograph, and to produce guidebooks and website content for the remote and uncharted dive sites around Raja Ampat and the rest of the Bird’s Head Seascape in West Papua. Their guidebook, Diving Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, was released in late 2009. A revised and expanded sequel, Diving Indonesia’s Bird’s Head Seascape, was published in late 2011. The Bird’s Head Seascape website,, launched in June, 2014. To learn more about Burt and Maurine, their images and scuba safari programs visit their website,

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